Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quilt Cards? Card Quilts?

Inspired by a project on Creative Juice, I decided to sew tiny "quilts" out of vintage silk neckties and make greeting cards with them. This project tried my patience as I do not at all enjoy the precision required of any sort of quilting (it's the fitting together of all the tiny pieces that I dislike the most, which is, I realize, the point of quilting). My results are, shall we say, more casual, but I think the cards came out kind of charming. What was really difficult was getting up the gumption to cut up the pretty silk ties. I had no other use for them, but it was still hard. And who knew that the silk fabric in ties gets its body from some weird lining fabric? I couldn't believe how thin and slippery most of the material ended up being (adding another joy to dealing with tiny pieces!). Take a look.

Next on the To Do list -- purse design and execution. I must enjoy sewing more than I think I do, otherwise why would I keep making purses???


Allison said...

Oh, I love them! I made cards like that out of green and red satin and Asian brocade for Christmas! I totally forgot about them!
I'll look for ties tomorrow ;)

Cat Pick said...

Thank you! They really weren't *so* hard, but I did hate the cutting of the ties into the little shapes. So tedious to have to measure that much! Don't fence me in with a ruler, man!