Monday, May 14, 2007

Tower Grove Farmer's Market

This entry would be a lot more interesting if I had taken photos of some of the wonderously beautiful dogs who visited my booth at the TGFM on Saturday. So many gorgeous dogs you wouldn't believe. Not to mention the myriads of cute babies (a big say hey to the teensy Beck Xavier!). It was a lovely day in Tower Grove Park; the weather was perfect and the grass was shining with dew (much to my booth neighbor Allison's dismay!) and the sun was bright all day long (as my sunburned back can attest). The market wasn't as busy as we would have liked for an opening day, but there was a nice crowd and I got to visit with a lot of friends and nice customers and potential customers. And the dogs. So many dogs! Oh, and a very large Rhode Island Red hen on a string who perched unsteadily on my forearm for a few minutes.

I sold enough stuff that I have to actually work the next two weeks, restocking for Gypsy Caravan. Dang. I wonder if I can figure out a way to use my sewing machine outside?

And now I'm really feeling like I need to have some actual paying employment, though I'm really dreading the search process. I'm waiting for a call about a job I think would be perfect, albeit very low paying, but time keeps on passing. I just applied for a position in a large retail joint which I'm already feeling queasy about. I've gotten used to my time being my own in the last year and it's going to be quite an adjustment to go back to work. Sigh.

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