Saturday, May 26, 2007

Celebrity Lookalikes

I suppose that one could argue that I am indeed a crazy cat lady, but I'll just defer to the fact that I really love my cats and I have a lot of time to look at them. I also have a habit of assigning (human or otherwise) to my pets (and anyone's pet for that matter). The other day I was staring at Mr. Baby and I thought that if he were a man, he'd have a sweet face and big moustache. This morning I realized that it was Will Forte of Saturday Night Live I was thinking of.

Then there's Spidermonkey. Rather than a person, I think she looks very much like Snowball II of The Simpsons fame.

I have always thought that if Olive was a person, she'd have lots of freckles. Lately, it's Julianne Nicholson from Law & Order, Criminal Intent that I see when I look at Olive.

Then there's Lydia. She has this giant, adorable chin and a habit of play biting that involves her just sitting around with her mouth open, teeth bared. She has a square-ish head and she has always looked like a furry tyrannosaurus rex to me.

Call me crazy; it's all right. At least I amuse myself.

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