Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I'm Working On, Or Not

A couple of weeks ago I made a batch of relatively simple earrings that I could sell inexpensively. I thought they would be good to reel people in at the first TGFM and, especially, for Gypsy Caravan on Memorial Day. I don't suppose I can complain that I sold most of them at TGFM and needed to make a new batch. I guess the combination of the cheap price and the organic display (I stood the earring cards up in a mix of raw rice, lentils and wild rice in a pretty basket) helped them sell. Now if only the clay earrings, which are much, much more labor intensive (and thus cost more) will sell! At any rate, I needed to make another bunch of earrings, using up the antique brass findings I got on Etsy. I ended up making even more than that, and here's what I got:

I got some funny little glass beads today that sort of look like raku pottery. Such pretty colors. Here's a close up of one pair out of the beads. For some reason these remind me of a couple of ripe peaches.

Today I also figured out a way to patina my bright gold findings to match the other antiqued ones. My first experiment -- a combo of vinegar, the crushed business ends of some matches and some bleach -- had fairly toxic fumes and worked really well at first. However, after I took the findings out of the concoction, and rinsed and dried them, I noticed that about 20 minutes later they had taken on a green-blue patina. It was pretty and cool, but just not the darkening I had desired. I rinsed them in straight vinegar and they went to a duller gold, which I was happy with. I'll have to keep experimenting to get the darker effect I want.

And just for kicks, how about a photo of Olive trying to squoosh herself into a small space in order to lie on my purse.

Oh, and please come to Gypsy Caravan on Memorial Day and buy lots of stuff!

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