Friday, August 26, 2011

Thrifty thrifting

The Goodwill Outlet on Market, just off Vandeventer, is one bustling place. At 1:30 on a Friday afternoon the joint was packed. I noticed that a good number of the patrons were wearing rubber gloves which is a seriously good idea as I've washed my hands a couple of times and they still feel kind of grotty. I was hoping that maybe the store was providing the gloves, but it didn't seem that way.

After poking around in many of the bins, here's what we got. First a vintage green plaid plate. I just really like that pattern; it looks like rubbery wallpaper.
 A big blue-striped crock. I don't think this is a vintage one, but it's not terribly new either.
I have some other little shallow bowls in this pattern. Not sure what this was for though it perhaps was a little crock and is missing its lid.
 This tote bag isn't vintage, but I figured I could add it to my arsenal of reusable shopping bags. It's a cute print, as far as Hawaiian prints go.
A little enamel bin and lid.
A quilted-on-the-inside flannel shirt for the Boy, in his size!
The Boy kept digging and kept finding these funny little dime books. Lurid covers and titles!
How to make puppets from anything.
Coronet Magazine from 1965!
Sports books and short stories.

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