Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lotsa meat/notso meaty.

I was wandering around the grocery store yesterday, hungry. That can be dangerous but it just resulted in a stop at the salad bar and a decision to make burgers for dinner. It did mean beef two nights in a row, but what the hell.

I found a more expensive ground beef on sale and bought it, despite a little doubt. I'm not keen on the very lean beef; to my mind, the flavor is often lacking. And it did turn out that my initial feelings were right, but it was still a burger and it tasted good, just not as good as it could have been.

As usual, I sauteed some onions and got them slightly caramelized before adding the beef. I had also bought a basting/marinade sauce and coated each patty with that before cooking which I assumed would take care of the salt (it didn't, really). I cooked them to medium and then topped with a slice of Swiss cheese, the onions and a teeny bit of my newly beloved sweet salad peppers and mayonnaise. A side salad and some baked beans (I confess to using canned beans straight from the can) rounded out the plate.

Tonight it was finally time for Meatless Monday since we've been quite meatful all week up to now. A tray of fried tofu, one of snow peas and a bag of bean sprouts from Jay International later, in combination with some sliced onion, chopped mushrooms, rice noodles and bottled kung pao sauce later and we had big bowls of stir fry. Yum.
And now it is time for my hot fudge concrete, with extra malt, from Ted Drewe's!

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Vanida said...

I think u should improve the picture quality - most of the food look very oily and just like a piece of overnight redo~!