Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally, actual finished ceramics!

After many starts and stops, wrong glazes, blazing hot weather and the shop forgetting about my stuff, I FINALLY have my first batch of clay work done done done! I obviously have some things to learn and work on (namely, thickness of glazes and larger holes in pendants and beads), but overall, I'm really happy with the results. The mystery of glazes is that these two colors were supposed to be a very green green, and a blackish dark red. I got a gorgeous turquoise instead and something that very much approaches a wood color which absolutely supports the faux bois work.

I've definitely learned from mistakes and I will definitely get some more low-fire glazes to go with the pounds of low-fire clay I still have courtesy of my friend Karen Lynn Miller (check her stuff out here). I only wish I could buy smaller quantities of glaze rather than the big pints as it is rather expensive and it's really nearly impossible to know what you're going to get after firing. For example, as far as I could tell, the glaze that turned brown here wasn't necessarily supposed to have a matte finish. But there you go!

Now, to actually make jewelry out of this stuff!

Boomer decided to help me.
And help some more.
And still a bit more.
She wants you to look at this faux bois bowl.
The beads, which still need the firing wires taken out of them.

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Holly said...

Fantastic! I love the slices of tree. Great job, Cat!