Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Boy Gets a Thrift Store Feeling

In an unprecedented move today, the Boy announced that he had a Thrift Store Feeling about St. Vincent de Paul. Thrift Store Feelings must always be obeyed so into the car we hopped. His instincts are good.

I'm slowly building a collection of wooden pieces, both mid-century and otherwise. Leaf motifs are very common, but this specimen is special because it's BIG. It's 22 inches long! I'm thinking it will be very good for a holiday cookie tray, perhaps a chip and dip sort of thing too. 
My love of gold and black glassware is well documented here, so of course I could not pass up these teeny round VIP glasses. They're only about 2 inches high.
Two 6 inch Aztec melmac bowls in gorgeous colors.
This little darling was abandoned up at the cash register and I snagged it before anyone else could grab it. How many vintage choppers do I have now?
I don't know why I'm crazy for vintage utensils, but I am and I use them all happily. For some reason, the composition of this photo reminded me of Grant Wood's American Gothic.
I almost walked right past this platter/bowl, as the colors are rather dark and I didn't notice right away that it was glazed pottery. That would have been a serious loss as this wonderful thing is marked '1959' and is 18 inches long. I can't wait to serve something in it!
The Boy's thrift store goals are nearly always books and he did all right. I didn't photograph most of his, but here's some of the loot. These editions were just too good to pass up.
And these! The decorating book is from 1965 and the children's sewing book from '66. If Allison Walker Rabbitt is reading this, that sewing book is for her!
I adore decorating books from the '50s and '60s. I'm not sure I could live with these designs, but I certainly love looking at them. Some favorites from the pages:

I particularly love the green and blue room, above. Because I married a giant, my dream of long low mid-century furniture will remain a dream. It's just not scaled to his size. But I can enjoy photos.

A few weeks ago I neglected to document a couple of thrifting finds. I love this tiered platter. It's plastic "crystal" and the top tier lifts off, revealing an extra little section for special treats.
I seem to be amassing a collection of funny little planters.
Now, to make some banana bread. Yes, the weather has finally broken.

EDIT: Catching up with some other thrift purchases...another set of black and gold glasses (and in three again; what's up with that?).
A couple of silk scarves, in an orange theme...
A pair of grey vintage sandals. I figure since roughly 1/3 of my wardrobe is grey, I should be able to make some use of these.

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Holly said...

You get the best stuff at the thrift store, lady! Those craft books rock, the designs are Brady Bunch-licious.