Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thrift on the East Side

Today seemed like a perfect day to head to Belleville to check out some of their many thrift stores. I was home from work early, the Boy was off, and the weather wasn't too hideous. Results were pretty good, overall. Suffice it to say the Boy got a pile of books not pictured here.

First up, a older, but still functional salad spinner. Since a conversation on FB, salad spinners have seemed even more precious. And this one cost 12.5 cents.
I've always wanted a little hot water pot, but have never gotten around to buying one. For $1.50 this prettily colored one became mind.
One of the more practical things I've been looking for during thrifting is a springform pan. I haven't come across one in weeks and weeks and now today I find two - one big, one small! Cheesecake is back on the menu!
This little dish has a chip, but the blue and red color scheme was so pretty, I don't care about that dang old chip.
 My quest for wooden items continues and today was a banner day. First, this shallow (and quite large) salad bowl with matching wooden salad fork and spoon. I can't wait to make a big salad in this. It seems perfect for a Caesar.
And then, from Haiti, this cool serving dish. I don't know that this one is vintage, but it's lovely.
Five skeins of what is labeled as "rug yarn." It's 75/25 rayon/cotton though it feels a little itchier than that to the hand.
I think I'm going to experiment with putting a plant of some kind under this cheese keeper glass.
 I'm not sure what the intended purpose of this dish is. It is oven proof and has a lovely mod floral bird motif. I love the bright colors.
This teeny (about 2 inches) spaniel figurine might be used for a snowglobe. Allison?
These two scotties are just kind of weird. Sort of the Easter island heads of dog statuary.
And finally, a prettily embroidered linen table runner.


Gaylan said...

Too bad the terrier figures aren't salt and pepper shakers -- Westie for salt and Scottie for pepper.

Cat Pick said...

When I picked them up I just assumed they were S&P shakers. I admit to being rather disappointed that they weren't.