Sunday, May 29, 2011


I got the Boy to dash out to the new Goodwill Outlet with me this afternoon and it was...interesting. I suppose it's worth checking out regularly to find the occasional item. It is certainly close by (in the old Famous-Barr warehouse just off Vandeventer).

I'm a sucker for a little vintage suitcase. This cream-colored Starline was irresistible.
The Boy found this book for me.
I wish I knew the original intention of this bunny, but I'm thinking toothbrushes. And how could I resist a teeny Show-Me cream pitcher?
A Lake Tahoe commemorative cup and saucer? Why yes, I think I will.
A set of little gold-painted saucers.
More gold saucers.
A silly little porcelain ring holder.
And finally, an old nightstand to put in the foyer for the Boy to collect all the junk CDs he brings home. A bargain at $4.


heather said...

I've been wondering about the outlet. Could be a nice outing!

Allison said...

That rabbit(t) is out of control cute. Let me know when you want to go back. There's a GW outlet that my mom in PA goes to each week, so I'm excited that we have one here now.