Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm not sure why I've never been to G&W Sausage, but since there was a Groupon and I finally went today. I was hot and thirsty from a ridiculously humid and too-warm day at work, but I really wanted some sausages. When I got there, the parking lot was surprisingly full. The place was hopping, with a substantial line and it did seem that it took a good deal of time to deal with each customer. I wasn't terribly troubled by that, since I needed to look around and decide what I wanted to get anyway. Finally it was my turn and I scored whom I had already deemed to be the best employee choice (a tall guy my age-ish). I chose my first item (2 lbs. of the above pictured Hungarian bratwurst) and while the gentleman was packaging those luscious orange sausages up, he asked me a question that I didn't quite understand. He gestured behind me and I turned to see another customer drinking a can of Busch beer (I thought I had glimpsed another person holding a beer but it didn't seem likely so I dismissed the thought!) So he asked me again, "Would you like a beer?" Well, hell yes, sir, I would love a beer! The guy next in line took one too and we toasted our good fortune. I almost left the store with my can, but luckily I realized that's kind of illegal.

So, grilled sausages, cottage fries and salad for dinner.

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