Friday, May 13, 2011

Been down one time/been down two times/never going back again - The I've been a blogging slacker catch up post

Yesterday when I finally had a moment to write and I wasn't bone tired and brain dead (and the kittens weren't restricting my movements by being sweet little snugglebunnies), stupid Blogger was not working. What the heck was that about? So, I'm a little backed up on the food chronicling front.

As I've noted before, the Boy rarely asks for anything specific for me to cook, so when he does, I'm pretty quick to agree. The other day he vaguely requested "fish" so I got some salmon. I thought I wanted to make it on my new indoor grill, in the open position. My favorite way to eat salmon is with a teriyaki sauce and I had a bottle of some glaze/marinade and I was feeling lazy; a perfect combination. I wanted to try my hand (again) at some sort of fried rice (mine usually goes somewhat mushy), but again I had forgotten to buy white rice (I STILL don't have any - what's wrong with me?) and had to use brown. I cooked a batch in the pressure cooker (my favorite way to cook brown rice anyway), then let it cool a teeny bit; it would have been better to completely cool it, but there was no time. I sauteed some onion, chopped carrots, and some thawed frozen peas, then added the rice, some 'medium sweet' soy sauce and regular soy sauce. It was a bit of all right.
I can't even remember what we had for Meatless Monday, other than it was definitely meatless. Seriously, I cannot remember what we ate.

As usual on Tuesday, I guiltily crave a big chunk o' meat. And since it was horrifically warm outside, pork steaks and corn on the grill were just the ticket. I didn't marinate this go round, for lack of time, and possibly I noticed a bit of difference. Marinating in ale was better, for sure and I'll do it when I have time in the future. I had a big ass sweet potato so I stuck that in the microwave for 12 minutes and mashed it all up with some butter and pepper to go alongside.
Wednesday was another scorcher of a day. A day in which I worked outside till my skin was tingling and red. Have I mentioned the giant fever blister on my lip procured last week when I neglected to wear SPF lip balm for a mere two days? Anything I've eaten for the last seven or eight days has been tempered by this bastard. I'm sure it would have gone away faster had I not been in the sun every day since, but what's a working girl to do? At any rate, I was tired and cranky on Wednesday and didn't feel like cooking, nor eating anything hot. I believe that it was still 84F at 10pm that day. Ugh. Since the Boy had to go to the grocery store on his way home from work anyway,  I had him pick up a chunk of cheese, some shrimp and a baguette. Add a salad (with still more home grown arugula!) and we had a lovely summer dinner. Plus I got to use my new (to me) 70s apple-shaped cutting board. Gotta get vintage whenever you can.
Finally yesterday I was somewhat uninspired, and it had been another hot day. I had various ideas for dinner, but most of them required a shopping trip and that was out of the question as I wasn't going anywhere (which also means that Thai coconut red curry is on the menu as soon as I buy some coconut milk). Some talk on Facebook of pancakes and johnny cakes had me thinking of using the new grill as a griddle, so corn cakes with whole corn became the basis for dinner. I thawed some turkey burgers, crumbled them up and cooked the meat with cumin and chili powder, then added onion, poblano pepper and a big orange bell pepper and let it all cook together. It didn't look quite right at that point so I stirred in a bit of tomato paste and some water and let it simmer. It ended up rather tasty and the corn cakes were especially yum. The photo, however, has the lurid orange hue of a vintage 60s recipe booklet.

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