Monday, May 2, 2011

Kokedama or string gardens or just plain cute

I'm not sure where I came across the idea for kokedama or string gardens today, but there is was, in my head, eating away at my resolve to just stay home on such an icky, gloomy day. I researched materials for making them the official, traditional way, then decided to go an easier route that seemed to work for people just as well. I gathered: smallish plants, sphagnum moss, sheet moss, and a couple of different types of twine. Oh, and kittens to "help."
I started by taking the plant out of its pot and shaping the soil and roots into a more spherical shape. The sphagnum moss was looser than I expected, so I had to sort of chuck it on the ball of soil and quickly wrap some of the twine around it to secure it in place.
Then, I shaped large pieces of the sheet moss around the ball, and secured with more wrapping of the twine. Once it seemed tight and secure, I knotted it and that's all there was to it.
I think that if you don't like the idea of the visible twine, you can use cotton thread that matches the moss. The finished products:
Oregano, that is going to hang outside.
Irish moss, also hanging outside.
And the two houseplants that shall be kept on saucers.
The oregano and rosemary, hanging outside.

I have high hopes for these pretty little green objects. I hope they flourish.


heather said...

Love this! Ever attempted a terrarium? Kind of been kicking that idea around.

Cat Pick said...

I was a terrarium fiend when I was kid - I made some fantastic ones. I attempted some last year, but I had bad luck with them, and I'm not sure why. What absolutely did not work was putting in the moss I had collected from around town - it died. Also, when I used sheet moss, it turned brown fairly quickly. I think the presence of the various mosses doomed the plants. I really hope these little things work out because I love the way they look.

Holly said...

These are totally BITCHIN! Does anyone say that anymore? Dunno, but seriously, these are super cool. I think I'm going to try making a little hanging herb garden by my side door next to my kitchen! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

Allison said...

SOOO cool! What do you do with them in the winter?

Cat Pick said...

Well, if you look at the photos on the site, they show different varieties (even SHRUBS!) hanging from the ceiling in swanky houses. I'm not sure how you accommodate the watering mess, though. I guess it would be a process of soaking the ball, then letting is become drip free then rehanging (or removing whatever contraption underneath it to catch drips. I would love the herbs to flourish so I could bring them inside for the winter.

I also want to do more and plant grass seed on the ball, like it some of the photos.