Monday, April 18, 2011

Meatless Monday - Vegetables and yellow rice

I will admit it, the kittens and a regular work schedule have put a crimp in my blogging. When faced with two frolicking or adorably sleeping kittens, they will always win.

But it's Meatless Monday and it must be documented, right? At Roger's produce stand in Webster, I bought my first batch of fresh okra with intentions to roast it with some chopped, fresh tomato, so tonight was that night. I cut the okra into thirds, cut the tomato into bite-sized chunks and tossed it all with olive oil, salt and pepper. After roasting for about 30 minutes (at 400F), the okra came out soft and chewy and the tomatoes were concentrated and sweet.

I hadn't made yellow rice in a while so that went on the menu too. I heated some olive oil in a large saucepan and added about a half teaspoon of annatto to saute. Then I added regular white rice and let it cook in the oil for a few minutes before adding water and some vegetable broth concentrate. Oh, and I admit I was lazy and added a bit of dried, chopped onion. To go along with the rice I sauteed half of a large sweet onion and two green peppers until soft. And I couldn't help myself and added about a teaspoon of that natural raw sugar, which took the bitterness away from the green peppers and sweetened the onion further. Heaped on top of the savory rice, they were delicious. For a nice salty jolt we each had a spoonful of alcaparrado.

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