Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I know you respect me/You won't reject me/And the arrow of our love is straight and true - grilled steak, peanut sauce roasted potatoes

It was such a fleeting instance that I can't even remember what put me in mind of spicy peanut sauce today, but suddenly I knew that it would make an appearance at dinner, somehow. Since it was, finally, a nice day with warm temperatures plus no rain, I wanted to cook something on the grill. After rooting around in the freezer, I pulled out a piece of sirloin. Mmmmm...beef! I usually want some kind of potatoes with steak so I started thinking about how I could incorporate peanut sauce into a potato dish. A quick Google of "potatoes and peanut sauce" didn't really return any results that were relevant (most of the recipes seemed to be made with sweet potatoes) except for a link to a blog entry about a Thai salad. It involved many more ingredients than I wanted or needed, but it did inspire me a little. First I made a little bed of greens (hydroponic lettuce and rocket/arugula from my own container gardens - woo hoo, I love using stuff I've grown!), then topped the greens with potatoes that I had cubed, tossed with a little canola oil and steak seasoning and then roasted at 425F for a short while. After that I drizzled on peanut sauce that I had made from a couple tablespoons of chunky peanut butter, rice vinegar, sesame oil, siracha, garlic and some hot water (until it got to the desired consistency).
The steak was simple and the corn even more so. I sprinkled the steak with grill seasoning (I love all those litle jars of grill seasoning mixes, but the steak seasoning is really, really good) and threw it on he grill. I like my corn on the cob as simple as possible, so I just husk them and but the naked cobs right on the grill. I like the bit of charring that gets on the corn. It turns sweet corn so delicious with this mixed taste of traditionally cooked corn on the cobb with an almost popcorn taste.
I'm so glad the rain has finally stopped, though I fear it shall be back tomororw. At any rate, it was nice to see some blue sky today. Perhaps there will be more grilling tomorrow.

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