Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ca plane pour moi moi moi moi moi - Croque monsieur

Because I am highly suggestible, I could think of nothing except croque monsieur sandwiches since Steph posted a photo of one she had in Paris. Yesterday circumstances (being dead tired) prevented me from making them, but today nothing could stop me. Technically this is probably a croque madame provencal, which means it has an egg on top and tomatoes inside.

First thing to make was a bechamel sauce: melt butter, cook some flour, add milk. Once the sauce was thickened, I added Dijon mustard, a little worcestershire sauce, some grated cheddar and salt and pepper. To assemble the sandwiches themselves: spread one slice of bread with mustard, then add some ham, Swiss (or emantthaler or gruyere), tomato slices (but only if they are very ripe) and top with a couple of spoons of the sauce. top with the second slice of bread and butter both sides lightly. I then toasted mine in the toaster oven, turning the sandwiches over once. Once the bread is nice and toasty, spread more bechamel on top of each sandwich in a fairly thick layer and put under the broiler. In the meantime, fry up a sunny side up egg for each sandwich you are making. Once the bechamel is bubbling and browning, remove the sandwiches from heat. Top it with an egg and you are done!

A croque monsieur is a seriously satisfying sandwich. Yum.


Stephanie said...

The sandwich was listed under the croque Monsieur, not as a Madame- I think there must be some controversy regarding the name- all are Monsieur and certain cafes offerered the Madame as as a special until the name stuck. This was definitely a local cafe and very traditional. I haven't had the chance to ask a Parisian yet- strangers tend to be smug about food questions from Americans. So French! I love it ;) maybe we should take a field trip?!?

Cat Pick said...

It's France, so I'm sure there's controversy and disagreements! And I was getting my info from Wikipedia, so take *that* with a grain of salt!