Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pull the final splinters/Of missing picture winters/You have to give yourself a break

It may not use my intellect (though I think smarts help you do any job better) nor my many years of office experience, but it is a job (albeit a seasonal one): I am officially a plant merchandiser. Which basically means I will be doing my part to keep the garden center of a big home store stocked, designed, cared for and looking good. I'm sort of looking at it as a way to get paid (actually a teensy bit more than at Big Espresso so that's something, right?) to spend the spring and (hopefully) summer outdoors working out. Yes, this is a physical job. Lots of pushing of heavy carts, lots of really busy days keeping things stocked. I've been a shopper at his particular garden center on many occasions and I know how busy it gets, so I'm semi-prepared for it. I'm told the days flash by.

I'm also told the schedule is flexible, so I hope to be able to get most of my hours in early and get my day over as soon as possible. And, best of all, there is no conflict, no problem with my radio show, which is a giant relief. I was really starting to worry I would have to give it up in order to get any kind of a job.

At the very least, it's a placeholder. At most I will have a good time, get a killer tan on my face and build some major muscles in my arms and legs.


Allison said...

My dream job!
And what of the half-dead plants? You know I can resurrect them :)

Cat Pick said...

I have been waiting for a comment from you since I posted it on Facebook! I thought you'd be excited. And believe me, I thought that if half-dead plants are up for grabs, you will be the happy and skillful recipient.