Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yelling in unison/da da da/they can't be stopped/sitting at home making plans

Steve and I have spent the morning in a new (to us) coffeehouse, enjoying the free wi-fi, the excellent drinks and baked goods and the very nice selection of music. Walking into an establishment to the strains of Bob Dylan's "Visions of Johanna" certainly sets a very good tone for the rest of my day. Oh yeah, where are we? Mississippi Mud Coffee House, that's where.

I have been a very bad blogger lately. I don't suppose I've had much happening and I don't want to blather away about nothing. That's what Twitter and Facebook are for, right? Speaking of Twitter, I am only a little ashamed by my thirst for replies from the celebrities I'm following. So far I've gotten tweeted action from Amber Benson, Adam Busch (dude! one of the scariest characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer talked to me!), Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek!) and Michael Ian Black (snarky smart comedian!). Yes, it's somewhat pathetic that I care, but I suppose it's a game many tweeters are playing and I am not alone in my pursuits. Oh yes, Paula Poundstone is following me (granted, after I began following her).

Anyhoo...I haven't started my job yet. I have to go in for a couple hours on Saturday and then I assume I will start in full force the following week. Let's hope the nice weather is here to stay or, brrrrrrr, I'm looking at some chilly mornings outside.

On the positive news front, I've had many many good days, lots of lovely conversations and a general state of happiness and calm. And at this point, I think I might actually be looking forward to working. I think the warm weather and sunshine is coaxing me out of my hibernation cave of the winter. I've gotten a nice amount of jewelry done (though I need to work on more), and my Etsy store (see sidebar!) is full.

Since my bout with whatever it was that invaded my stomach, I've mostly been off coffee. I've had a couple of cappuccinos out and made a latte for myself at home the other day, but mostly I'm happy with hot tea. My mistake today was ordering the four-shot cappuccino. Now I am jittery and my hands are shaking. I don't want to return to my old coffee habit, so I'm kind of glad I've been affected this way; it'll keep me off the stuff mostly. I think coffee drinks will become an occasional treat rather than a daily necessity. Now, how to keep my teeth from turning brown due to the tea. Don't suggest green tea 'cause I just don't like it hot.

We are just about to decamp from the coffee house, hit the grocery store and then spend some time later this afternoon with birthday girl Deb on her front porch in the gloriously warm March weather.

And before I forget, the latest video from the Cold War Kids. This is beautifully done.

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