Friday, March 27, 2009

There are two colours in my head/What is that you tried to say?

This past week or so I've been drawing and painting, while not furiously, at least steadily. I have five small pieces in progress, but I can only show one of them because four of them are for a special purpose and a surprise would be ruined.

What I'm sure I've said before is how much I love getting completely focused and lost in drawing, even if I'm just doodling. It really is an exercise when time passes so quickly and the incessant voice in my head shuts the fuck up. Regardless of my skill (or lack thereof) I really love doing it.

So, with that, here's the latest thing. This was the first thing I tried using a sort of doodling technique; just drawing and filing in spaces with shapes and designs. I definitely need to keep working on my watercolor technique, but I just love painting in that medium. I was reading a Robert Silverberg novel, "Majipoor Chronicles," and I think this sort of turned out like an illustration of one of the alien cities described in the book, as filtered through my love of mid-century childen's book illustrations.

The pieces since have become more abstract and way less figural. Sort of. I've only worked on a small scale and I look forward, tomorrow, to working on something bigger. We'll see what happens.

And now it's time to journey to a fish fry and then back to work to tuck in the plants on this cold evening.

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