Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't put this letter in the pocket near your heart

What kind of crazy, mixed up, muddled up world is it where it snows the last weekend of March? Yesterday was a terribly gloomy day of non-stop clouds and rain and very chilly temperatures. Knowing that I had to work this morning, I was in serious denial about the predicted snowfall. Yet, I awoke to see the grass, trees and cars covered in a heavy, wet snow and a temperature in the lower 30s. Ugh. I was especially annoyed that I had to wear actual pants to work. Even me, with my apparently chill-proof legs, still felt the need to wear jeans in the face of the low temps and the snow. Bah.

Luckily, the sun finally came out (just as I was leaving work) and shined brightly all afternoon, happily melting all that pesky snow. Not that I enjoyed it as I was encamped on the couch with various tasks. First, getting tomorrow's edition of Emotional Rescue ready. It's a particularly important show as it's KDHX's spring pledge drive time and I need to raise some serious bucks. Second, some chatting with the Scottish Correspondent, some laundry and, finally, some painting. At any rate, I have high hopes the the temps in the mid-60s tomorrow. Shorts it will be.

Yesterday I was starving at lunch time. Steve was working on our taxes and I knew he'd want something substantial to eat as soon as he was done. My default in these cases is usually eggs to an omelette it was. I had bacon and cheddar cheese so it became a bacon and cheddar omelette. I had bought some sweet little new red potatoes and I wanted them badly so I made a warm potato salad of the cooked baby spuds, chopped kalamata olives, and a couple spoonfuls of capers, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Gosh, I wish I had some more...

Last night we had pizza and salad from A'mis and it was very good indeed. The house dressing, called creamy Italian but unlike any of that ilk I've ever had, was thick and textured and full of garlic and, I would guess, anchovies. The pizza, classic New York style and topped with spinach and tomatoes, was delicious. A bad photo, courtesy of my mobile camera:

For dinner tonight I pulled boneless skinless chicken breasts from the freezer along with the most miraculous product of Trader Joe's, the Thai-style Prig Khing green beans. I don't think I've gone longer than a couple of weeks without eating these since Trader Joe's came to town. Add some brown rice (cooked easily and quickly in the pressure cooker) and you have a meal. I marinated the chicken in soy sauce, lime juice, fresh ginger and garlic and then sauteed it with a little sherry for extra flavor. It was all done fast and tasted great. I find it very interesting that after a lifetime of disliking it, I have grown quite fond of ginger. I wonder if there will ever be a day I appreciate cilantro?

I feel a trifle stressed over the beginning of the week as I have pledge drive tomorrow morning for my show, then work, then a work meeting later in the evening, then pitching on a colleague's 5-7am show on Tuesday, then more work. Then two more mornings of work, pitching on Steve's show on Friday, and then work. Then I do have the entire weekend off, which is nice. It's not like I really have a ton of stuff; I'm just made uncomfortable by a schedule. I'm weird that way.

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