Thursday, February 26, 2009

But though there are caveats galore/You've only got to love him more--/And you do/You really do

Do you ever feel like you are the recipient of more acts of kindness than you give? I do, sometimes. Perhaps I've just been lucky to encounter really fantastic people along the way in my life. And I suppose the argument could be made that I am at least giving out a little something good to be getting it back tenfold.

It's the little and big things. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most. I remind myself of that when I've hesitated, for whatever reason, to give someone a genuine compliment. It's often shyness that stops me, but I've pledged to correct that and do it anyway. Who knows -- a kind word from me could turn someone's day around. My day has certainly been turned around by a bit of warmth from a friend or a stranger.

Kindness is about so many different things. I am one lucky woman to be graced with love and kindness in my life. So much so that I think I'm getting more than my share. But I realize that's ridiculous and I'd never turn away kindness or love. And I suggest you don't either.

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