Sunday, February 8, 2009

In my mind I'm drowning butterflies/broken dreams and alibis/that's fine.

Whoa, I've let some days go by but it's not because I had nothing to be grateful/thankful/happy about. Au contraire; and apparently I was so happy I forgot about blogging until now. Believe it or don't, but it's the truth.

Friday was a lovely day all around. Fantastic conversations, Steve had the day off, the weather was bright and sunny and, to top it off, a new (and A+) episode of Battlestar Galactica. I suppose I should give some trenchant summary here, but I don't feels it right at this moment (thank you, Nessa). Soon, I promise.

Saturday greeted us with gorgeously warm and sunny weather. I could smell spring in the air though I know it's silly to hope the cold weather is gone for the season. I woke up hoping for some thrift store mojo and since Steve didn't work till late, he accompanied me to Vincent DePaul's and Goodwill where I did find two versions of what I was looking for - small glass tumblers for wine drinking. Unfortunately that's where my mojo ended as I found nothing else. A quick trip to the vet with Lydia and I was home to get ready for Dana and Roy coming over to watch the last two BSG episodes, which basically meant making tiramisu, cleaning up a bit and spending a good deal of time chatting with my Scottish Correspondent. The evening was lots of fun, with pizza and a rather large amount of pinot noir being consumed. And before we knew it, it was 1am and R&D headed home and Steve and I took Foxy Brown out for a walk. I didn't wear a coat. It was nearly 1:30a in February and I went out without a coat. Heaven.

I ended up not going to sleep until 3am so when I awoke before 8am I was a little unhappy, but I got up anyway because I knew sleep was over for me. A couple hours later I got a text from Allison alerting me to a nearby estate sale and we headed out soon after. Even though it was sunny today, I was disappointed to find that the temperature had dropped quite a bit since the wee hours. I knew it was asking too much (though word is we can expect 6oF tomorrow...). The estate sale was in a corner storefront and when we stepped inside were immediately assaulted by a strong mildew smell. I breezed through the bric a brac, finding the prices too high, but then I poked around some random piles of clothing and linens upstairs until I found a pretty gorgeous vintage cotton bedspread.

When I put it down on the floor, Foxy Brown inexplicably went crazy, circling and circling, digging, and finally, as you can see, rolling around hysterically with a crazed look in her eyes. By the way, the embroidery on bedspread is done in a thick, punch-embroidery style. I think it's very Anthropologie.

As I attempted to pick up the spread, Foxy planted herself squarely and for the first time ever, posed for a picture for me, holding perfectly still.

I found a couple more items and then we escaped from the mold and mildew - a couple books (vintage BSG novelization!) and a pair of copper enamel earrings that I intend to make into pendants.

An afternoon spent chatting and finishing up preparations for tomorrow's edition of Emotional Rescue, led to a viewing of the previous night's Saturday Night Live, which was not a good episode save a very few bits and a fabulous performance by TV on the Radio. And if you missed it, here's the second song they did, the slightly chaotic, but mesmerizing "Dancing Choose."

Tomorrow afternoon I have a job interview. Yikes.


Allison said...

That bedspread is too much!
I guess Foxy likes mildewy old lady smell :) Great pic though!

Cat Pick said...

She was going CRAZY. We have never seen her act like that before. I've washed it -- I'm going to put it down again and see what happens.