Sunday, February 1, 2009

Estate Sale/It's a Good Day

I suppose I should be slightly ashamed that today was the first day I seriously left the house since Monday morning. Rather, I consider myself lucky. Normally, I would have gone somewhere during the week, but I did have the excuse of a car covered in snow and surrounded by sadly non-melting snow. Even today I had a touch of trouble getting Schug (yes, my car is named Schug) out of my parking space. Here's a photo of Schug from earlier this week.

And you can see that the sun basically never get to our side of street. So that today, even after two days of basically 50 degree weather, we are still covered in snow while across the street all is nearly melted and gone.

At any rate, I was happy to be out and about today, first to an estate sale in Brentwood that looked promising. It was a teeny, crowded house (um, how about telling the person who bought the GIANT refrigerator that they have to wait until the sale is over to pick up the thing?) and I wish I'd had more opportunity to check out the jewelry, but I managed to snag some good stuff. First stop, the kitchen where I pawed through one of my favorite kitchen standards: the container full of random gadgets, implements and knives. I snatched this right away, despite the fact that I really don't know what it is.

This vintage chopper was irresistible. Eat yer heart out Pampered Chef. A few other odds and ends later, and I moved out of the kitchen. I snatched this pristine American Tourister train case and was thrilled to see the tray and mirror still intact inside.

In a bedroom I was immediately drawn to a black leather coat (all right, I have a thing for vintage coats), but I didn't think there'd be a chance that it would be a ladies coat and vintage, as that's a rare find. Wonder of wonders, it was vintage, it was a ladies and it fit me. This doesn't give the whole picture, but it's a little longer than mid-thigh, a nice soft and thick leather and again has those handy high slits on the side to make it comfy in the car. And check out the close up of the vintage Wilsons label.

As if this wasn't enough, on the floor of the other bedroom's closet I spotted a tangle of shoes that looked tantalizingly good. I could hardly believe it when I pulled them out and saw that they were so good.

I believe these were custom made, judging from handwritten lettering on the inside and the nature of the labeling on the insole. Here's a close up of the medallion adorning the bottom pair.

Oh, and they fit me.

As if that all wasn't enough to make it a good day, we headed over to Euclid Records to hear Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple of the dB's play a set. While there I got to partake of some delicious home made Indian food hand delivered by Patrick Hawley (thank you Patrick!) and visit with some friends I don't get to see very often.

Then, once we were home, I was confronted with this image.

Lydia claiming her spot atop the clean laundry. Is that some kind of cute face or what? I think she looks like a lemur here.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! The American Tourister case is swank! Love it!

Cat Pick said...

Look who shows up!