Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When you sleep/I will creep/Into your thoughts/Like a bad debt/That you can't pay/Take the easy way/And give in

Oh dear, I've been terribly negligent. Believe me, each Sunday when I read my Shiny Stats report, I feel very guilty as the numbers (very small to begin with) drop. In fact, this past Sunday I couldn't even bear to look at the report. Come back, come back! Bring some friends, some enemies, some strangers.

Let's face it, we all knew I'd never keep up with the daily asserverations posts. It was a noble thought, I contend, and I did do it long enough to change my thinking to allow me to see the good things in every day, even in bad days. In the last few weeks, I've had some bad days. I've felt rather despondent about ever finding a job, let alone a job I won't hate. I've been sad about if I do get a job I will lose the freedom of controlling my own time, even in a small way, and thus giving up a portion of the things that do make me happy. While having one of those particular meltdowns, I was stopped by a county municipality cop and nearly given a ticket for neither wearing a seat belt nor being able to produce my insurance card (I wasn't wearing the seat belt and my insurance card was in a stupid place -- e.g. crumbled into a ball in the bottom of my purse). The tears that were already flowing from the meltdown apparently garnered enough sympathy from the cop to let me go with a warning. I swear I wasn't trying, but hey, if it worked, it certainly wasn't a good time to add yet another stupid expense to my non-working day, and I was grateful. Thank you, officer, for taking pity on this mascara-streaked woman.

On a very positive front, I have regained a bit of my jewelry making mojo. After that special request for Valentine's Day, I realized that I got really happy while making the pieces; it was time to pull out the supplies and get myself moving again. I've been a little slow at it, but things are moving along. Most exciting was when I finally got some items listed in my store. Literally minutes after posting, I got an order for one of my necklaces. It was terribly exciting. Three more sales followed and I was on a roll. Here's a photo of the various pendants I made last week. I'm calling them 'shards and artifacts.'

I'm avoiding making more stuff now by writing this, but I wanted to get something on the blog and stop putting it off yet again. More jewelry pieces by the end of the day, I promise!

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my union with the ginormous, lovable entity known as Steve Pick. How is that possible? Thirteen frakking years! They've passed in a happy flash. Considering we've known each other for 27 years, I think we made the right decision.

Let's see, what else...Oh yes! It's too late now, but you should have seen Coraline in 3-D. It was a fabulous movie; touching and scary and exciting and, importantly, absolutely gorgeous. The 3-D was amazing. I flinched a couple times and even had to stop myself from reaching out and trying to touch the funny little mice that appeared to be a foot or so in front of me. It was so good and so engrossing that I didn't even mind the little kid getting a play by play from her guardian in the row in front of us. And, let me assure you, that's a BIG barrier for me to get beyond.

I'm enjoying Twitter lately, though I am continuing to ruminate on the mystery that is the instant rapport between celebrities. Apparently if you have ever shown up on a TV or movie screen, you have an instant bond with someone who has done the same. They are simpatico, I suppose. Their tweets can only be understood by someone else who has gone through the experience of being [moderately] rich and [moderately] famous. It's very odd.

All right, the fast food will be here soon (still ecstatic to be able to enjoy eating after the week of stomach bug!) and I need to get to work on other things. *kisses*


Anonymous said...

love the new jewelry, cat. some really cool stuff.


Cat Pick said...

Thanks, Heather!