Monday, July 14, 2008

Thrifting, etc.

I have been scouring thrift stores for years and years (and for less years, estate sales), refining my taste in design, establishing my likes and dislikes and indulging my tightwad nature. It turns out I'm a mid-century modern kind of gal, with trips into the late 1960s and early 1970s. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find anything from these eras at thrift stores, though estate sales still deliver. It's somewhat frightening to find that thrift stores are now full of items from the 1980s and on.

I drive past four thrift stores nearly every day on the way to and from work and I rarely stop. In fact, while I've been to the stores on numerous occasions, I've only stopped once after work. Today, however, I got what I call my Thrift Store Feeling and I was compelled to stop at the Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul stores. I wasn't disappointed. At Goodwill I found these three glasses. I wish there had been more. I love their classic gold and black designs.

That was it for Goodwill so I headed across Forest Park Parkway to hit St. Vincent de Paul. I soon came across not one, not two, but THREE vintage tablecloths at only $2 each. They were folded and bound so I couldn't check for damage, but I figured the cheap price made it okay. Turns out all three are nearly perfect. First, the Iris one:

Then the bandana-like, medallion cloth:

Finally, the tulip tablecloth. I love the heavy black accents on this one.

And then I found something that may lead to an obsession of searching. This adorable little sugar bowl in the Calico Leaves pattern is by Peter Terris. I now feel I MUST find the sweet wooden lid that should go with it, not to mention the matching cream pitcher. This design is so beautifully natural and yet so modern/abstract that it epitomizes what I love about mid-century design. A little research told me that this pattern was retired in 1957.

As for as anything else goes, I had a rather uneventful weekend. When I wasn't working I was mostly just hanging out doing a lot of nothing. After work yesterday I convinced Steve to attempt some laptop assholery with me. Frustrated by the apparent Sunday afternoon off that independent coffee shops take, we ended up at Soulard Coffee Garden. I had asked Michael to join us, but after a couple calls and some texts, he declined. Unfortunately, at SCG, the free wi-fi did not extend to their back patio, which was the precise reason I wanted to go to a coffee house -- the weather was gorgeous. We stayed for a little while (should've brought a book like Steve) until I became so sleepy I needed to go home (attributed both to my early work day and this sugar filled goodness called a millionaire bar that I ate) . After a very short nap I woke up hankering for a movie and we decided on "Hancock" at the Moolah. Again, I invited Michael, but he didn't show after texting that he would probably come. I also extended an invitation to Dana and Roy but they were preparing to head to the Fox to see Al Green. So on the leather couch it was just me, Steve, our giant bag of popcorn and a delightful bottle of pinot grigio. Who knew I loved Will Smith so much?

Tomorrow we have our store meeting with HR and district folks. Who knows if we'll hear about our individual fates...


Allison said...

I know the Thrift Store Feeling well. Huge score with the tablecloths! Our table is a big rectangle, and I haven't found a proper cloth for it....yet....

That china pattern is SO flippin' cute, too.
I approve of this shopping trip.

dana said...

I concur with Allison's "huge score on the tablecloths" commment! Especially the tulip one....V. cute!

Sorry we missed Hancock. How was it?

Cat Pick said...

Vincent de Paul has an AWESOME old sewing machine and table, Allison. I'm emailing you the photo right idea if it works, but the color and style is gorgeous!

Hancock was really good, Dana. Like I said, I apparently love Will Smith. :)