Thursday, July 10, 2008

No clever lyrics. Just "Hooray for Roy!"

Today Roy delivered my next wave of laptop action: a darling little pre-loved iBook G4. I was only a little sad about giving up my blueberry; she was just too slow for my needs and my Xtube habit could only be indulged on Steve's laptop (and, fine, I couldn't even watch cute cats on Youtube with it). And while cute and behandled, the blueberry was really heavy and a little unwieldy. This G4 is so white and compact and the apple on the lid glows! I think I'm going to love it. In fact, I probably already do. I can watch video now and, so far, it doesn't take minutes to do things that should take seconds.

So, again, Hooray for Roy!


Allison said...

By "things" you mean...;)

I wish he'd come over here and take all the old computers that Matt thinks we still need.

Cat Pick said...

Nothing prurient! Opening a frakking email can take minutes...