Thursday, July 10, 2008

One of these mornings/You're going to rise up singing/Then you'll spread your wings/And you'll take to the sky

Laptop Assholery, Part 3

Another Thursday has dawned with both Steve and I sharing a day off so I suggested we have another day (or at least morning) of laptop assholery. Since Michael is unavailable and working, we are ensconced at Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square. You see, we can't come here with Michael because he has slept with someone who works here. One supposes it didn't turn out well, or perhaps he neglected to offer the poor fellow the obligatory slice of get-lost pizza upon parting. Whatever the reason, we're here at the home of 700 different flavors of gooey butter cake. They also have a Help Wanted sign posted. More on that later...

Walking up Park Avenue, we passed the house right next door to Arcelia's. I don't often have house or property envy (what's the point?) but we heard voices and laughter coming from the lush sideyard patio of the house and peeked in. Already absolutely envious of party sounds at 9:30 in the a.m., I seethed at the sight of a giant, gorgeous scarlet macaw perched on the elevated deck. At least it wasn't a hyacinth macaw -- I might have staged a coup...or at least invited ourselves in.

A celebrity of sorts came in for an Americano while we've sat here. Although not as glamorous as the Cardinal who frequents our store, a local TV reporter has some cache. By the way, both of these guys look better in person.

A week or so ago, my [very big corporate] employer announced the impending closing of 600 of its stores in the US. Steve shared the bad news that the newspaper reported 70% of the doomed stores were opened in the last year and were in close proximity to another location. So we held our breath, hoping for the best. On Tuesday, we got the bad news -- our beautiful, comfy, brand new, built to order store is closing. At this point we have only a vague idea when we're closing (sometime between August and March), and no idea whether or not we will have jobs. Of course, if we are offered another job it will be at a different location and will separate us. While I know that my paycheck and the cheap insurance are very important aspects of my job, all I could think of is that I won't have Michael by my side, getting me through my work days. We have a meeting with HR on Tuesday, so I suppose we'll know more after that. Or not. Having gone through this whole sort of thing too recently at May Company, I can only be pessimistic about the Man's dedication to the ground level workforce. Honestly, I can't believe I'm going through this again. I really don't want to think about it. But because I don't want to lose what little seniority I have, plus my insurance, I do need to wait and see what's offered before I look elsewhere.

Oh, and to add to Bad News Tuesday, I have apparently overestimated my value (and/or my DJ skills) to the community radio station with which I've been involved for many years. I'm ready to resume my radio show (which I've had for more years than not since 1989 or so) and have been standing by for some changes to open up a slot. But rather than being offered the prime, high profile slot I thought (and I was not alone in this thinking) I was getting, it was just mentioned as a possibility, though not as strong a possibility as two other slots, one of which was just plain insulting to even consider. The other is too conflicting with my work schedule (assuming I have a work schedule), but that didn't seem to make an impression. Again, more wait and see.

Doesn't anyone understand just how much I hate wait and see situations? *Sigh*

Now I have to figure out how to spend the rest of my day. Steve's going to lunch with his mom and I'm heading to Trader Joe's for cheap wine and whatever else strikes my fancy. Maybe a detour to Target for something cute to wear. After that, who knows? I have work early early tomorrow (but with Michael, so, yay!) so it won't be a late night. Gotta figure out something good to cook...


Allison said...

WHY would they open a store then close it right away?!!
Corporate America does not make sense to me. At all.
Things will work out, I hope!

Cat Pick said...

Why, indeed. Corporate America seems to be smoking crack much of the time.

I'm sure things will work out fine. I'm just hoping I have to put out a minimum of effort. :)