Saturday, July 26, 2008

I've looked under chairs/I've looked under tables/I've tried to find the key/To fifty million fables

I spent my day yesterday doing little but satisfying my carnal desires. That in mind, I decided I should get myself out of the house today and give my computer a break. I text messaged Michael at 9:30am and told him I was coming to get him in 45 minutes for a trip to Old Navy and Trader Joe's. He bargained for one hour (and took 1:10), but agreed. In the meantime, I found an estate sale on Lindell in one of the big houses across from Forest Park and thought he might like to stop there too.

After a quick caffeine stop at our store, we were on our way. The estate sale house wasn't one of the better houses, but it was big enough. We ooohed and aaahed over a beautiful, original bathroom, all in a delicate celadon green. Two more bathrooms, however, were monstrosities, having been redone with giant spa tubs and horrible 90s-era tile on the floor. The only saving grace was that the original glazed wall tiles were kept intact. Both the big bathrooms also had these gorgeous, original stand alone showers with the heaviest imaginable glass and chrome doors. As with a lot of big house sales, most of the good stuff was gone, probably sold en masse to a collector or claimed by family members. I did manage to find a few interesting things though. These little cocktail forks remind me of croquet mallets:

This little ivory-colored plastic thing is full of little ivory-colored plastic cocktail forks. (I should have enough cocktail forks for the time being, anyway.)

I thought I might be able to use this little tray as a platform for my laptop when I'm lying on the couch. The teeny metal screwheads on the bottom of my computer tend to give me tiny, pinpricks of shocks (somewhat painful) so I need something between me and it (at least during the summer months when my legs are always bare).

I couldn't resist this piece of fabric. It photographed badly, but it's a gorgeous coral-pink with silver foil accents. And best of all, it's quite wide and there's at least two full yards. And for three dollars!

I love vintage pillowcases, though my taste generally runs toward vintage, hand-embroidered models. This '70s example was only fifty cents, so why not?

And for Steve, this vintage Addams Family card game.

Then on to Old Navy. I really didn't have any goal in mind; the sale racks at ON pretty much determine my purchases. Early on we came across these Missoni-like scarves. I love scarves, any kind of scarves and these were dirt cheap.

A couple of shirts for me later and we hit the men's side of the store. I've been giving Michael a lot of shit for wearing baggy jeans that do no justice to his man-junk so I made him try on smaller, tighter jeans than he's used to wearing. And, of course, I was right -- they looked great. I surprised myself by popping right into his dressing room with him. I would never really even consider doing that with Steve (because of what people would think?) but I didn't hesitate with Michael. Huh. It was worth it, though, for getting the change to watch him pose in the mirror.

By the time we got to Trader Joe's we had little time as Michael had a first date that was starting at 3:00pm. I grabbed some frozen stuff and then rushed to the wine aisle to stock up. Last week we had this bottle of sparking white that I was dazzled by. It left the most wonderful taste of white flowers on the back of my palate after every sip and it's crazy cheap price (five dollars!) meant I had to have more. If you want to get some for yourself, here's the label:

Back to work tomorrow, at 5:45am. Ugh.

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