Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cause I heard it in the wind/And I saw it in the sky/And I thought it was the end/And I thought it was the 4th of July

I've been neglectful again. Just doing instead of doing and writing about, I guess. Not too much happening. Last Wednesday Michael met Steve and me at Chimichanga for ridiculously large margaritas and Michael's favorite dish, Alembre, which I'm convinced means 'leftover scraps' in Spanish. Tasty, but somewhat odd; a mixture of chicken, beef, bacon and catfish, along with onions and jalapenos. Since I wasn't working with Michael much during the week, I'm glad we got some time to spend together outside of the store. And though it doesn't seem possible, I do believe I made both Steve and Michael a tad uncomfortable with my repeated hand gestures demonstrating things I had seen on that day. I suppose people at other tables might have noticed I was miming male masturbation. A lot. There were no children about, so I have no guilt.

On Friday, after a couple of false starts, I convinced Dana and Roy to come over for dinner and [lots of] drinks that evening. I had to work until after 6p but I figured I could pull something together in time. Feverishly preparing food and picking up the house and sending Steve on errands, we managed to be able to sit and relax by 8:30. A very lively discussion regarding KDHX and my hopeful return to the airwaves soon, kept us laughing and arguing until the wee hours. Suddenly, around midnight, Steve announced he was going to bed. I didn't really understand his abrupt departure until a little more than an hour later when I finally stood up and realized just how drunk I was. A little clean up later and I was spinning in bed.

Waking up ridiculously early on Saturday I again realized just how much I had drank the night before by the pounding in my head. Despite my pain, I was in the car and on the way to St. Peters to see my mom by 10a. As usual, Mom insisted on buying me stuff: a dress, a blissful pedicure (complete with some kind of reflexology on the bottom of my feet) and lunch. Sheesh. It was a lovely day for a drive, but when I got home I fell fast asleep on the couch until Steve got home from work.

Before I left for work this morning, I took some photos of the blooming and growing things in the yard and thought I'd share. First, an early morning glory:

Such a lovely purple. Then, my front yard pot of serrano peppers. I've already used one in some peanut noodles and I'm not sure I noticed it's 20,000 scoville units or however hot they're supposed to be.

I planted pickling cucumbers in a pot, not really daring to hope for much, but check out these teeny things. Aren't they adorable?

Next, the carpet of thyme and it's teeny purple flowers:

I'm disappointed that my very large and very old hydrangea bush doesn't have those perfectly gorgeous blue flowers, but the hot pink ones I get are awfully attractive.

The dang rose of sharon bush grows like a weed and sends volunteers everywhere in the yard, but the flowers are so pretty I don't care. So purely white with that blood red throat.

And why do my wild tiger lilies suddenly have double blossoms? No complaints, though.

Several years ago I decided I wanted a blue garden and ordered a bunch of blue blooming plants from some gardening catalogue. Lo these many years later only one plant remains and it's a doozy. These bellflowers are a perfect true blue and I cherish their short blooming time.

I bought a brown eyed susan plant on sale years ago and it has proliferated mightily. This patch has at least quadrupled since the original planting. And they've migrated across the yard to the patch with the bellflowers as well. They're not quite blooming yet, but I thought I'd show them anyway.

OK, that's it for now. More later.


Allison said...

Dig a hole under the hydrangea and put a horseshoe or old nails. The iron (or whatever) leaching from the metal makes the flowers blue.

I am very impressed with your gardening!

Cat Pick said...

All of my gardening is rather incidental, I'm afraid. I have good intentions when I put stuff in the pots, but I tend to be neglectful later in the season. Everything else is already in the ground and just keeps coming back, thank goodness.

Sorry about the non-scheduling of lunch. I've been working long, mid-day shifts for the last couple weeks...

dana said...

I know this is totally selfish, but I'm just glad I was not alone in being completely shit-faced! I think Roy is the only one who escaped alive!

Cat Pick said...

I'm still amazed that we could get *that* drunk whilst eating *that* much! :)