Thursday, July 24, 2008

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes

Nothing much happening except that it was witheringly hot for a few days, it's cool now, I banged my head really hard at work and we still don't know if we have jobs or when the store is closing. And really, that's enough. I've generally kept myself out of trouble at work, keeping any untoward chatter to a minimum.

I haven't done much socializing in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday was our DJ gig at the Royale and while it was rather unpleasantly hot and sweaty out on the patio (at least for us, in close proximity to the bbq grill) it was a fun time. Marta, Michael and Michael's friend Jim came. Dana and Roy where there too and it was fun wandering from table to table, dishing dirt and drinking gin rickeys. I spent the next day, blissfully off from the job, doing work around the house and generally relaxing.

Basically I just wanted to post some recent photos today. Cats and flowers, mostly. This bee thing was planted on the back screen door the other day and tolerated me pushing my camera right up against the screen to photograph him. Kind of terrifyingly beautiful.

Lydia and Olive like nothing better than to claim my purse for their own personal cat bed whenever they have the opportunity. Lydia was particularly enjoying it on this day.

Mr. Baby is the sweetest, most tolerant cat I've ever had. He's like a living, breathing Beanie Baby. However, he doesn't like holding still for picture taking, hence I get lots of weird, slightly unfocused close-ups of him as he tries to rub on the camera.

Look at his adorable cheeks!

My hearty hibiscus finally started blooming in the last week or so. I love love love these dessert plate-sized flowers.

And here is the wilderness that is our front yard. We've been totally negligent about weeding and chopping out things that don't belong this year. Like Scarlet O'Hara, I'll think about it later.


dana said...

Mr. Baby is sooooo cute! A living, breathing beanie baby??? Oh how, how, HOW can we get him to come out of hiding next time I'm over? Is it possible? I want to give him a squeeze!

Cat Pick said...

I will do my best, I promise. He's elusive, though. But isn't he just the cutest? If only I could catch this pose he does where he puts both arms straight up and peeks his head out from between them at me.