Thursday, June 26, 2008

Laptop Assholes

I can't believe I forgot to mention that the previous post was written in the lovely confines of 6 North again. Steve and I shared another day off today and I had initially suggested a trip to the pool. Since the day dawned cloudy with threats of storms, we decided not to waste the money on pool admission. I suggested a day of laptop assholery at the coffee shop instead and he agreed. We got there around 10am and I got my croissant, iced latte and Steve's chai from a rather stupid and unhelpful girl. Quite unlike the baristas on my first trip with Michael. We got ourselves nice and comfy and I took a chance and called Michael to see if he wanted to be an asshole with us. Happily, he agreed and showed up about 45 minutes later. We ended up staying for almost five hours and it was a lot of fun. Steve watched baseball on his computer, I wrote, Michael wrote and we surfed a while, checking out a curious assortment of penis bondage gear and chastity equipment for both sexes. Michael also sent me to a gay D/s online store and we shall not speak of that again. In the course of our conversation we discussed something in St. Louis called The Club, which turns out to be a gay bath house/sauna/gym. I had never heard of it, but Steve was quite familiar and Michael also knew of the place. I was outraged to find out that women are not allowed. Not surprised, but outraged nonetheless. I insisted on driving past its midtown location on our way home. It's fairly unassuming building but I want in! There's an outdoor pool! A dry sauna! And, seriously, I don't mind if there are guys blowing each other around me. Nay! I'd really enjoy that! Let me in, Club!

On our way around town we stopped at the kind of icky thrift store on Delmar at Grand. I got a couple of things I'm rather happy with. These shoes (hey, I'm thrifty; and cute shoes are cute shoes):

And this vintage silk scarf with this tag:

Then we stopped at Home Depot for a new fan. We have a mighty powerful fan at work that I generally hate -- it's noisy and fucking cold. But I'm generally out voted and the damn thing is always on. At home though, with no air conditioning we need a fan with some muscle. So we got this:

Last but not least, here's Michael from the first trip we took to 6 North, and me just a few minutes ago...

See y'all later.


Allison said...

Heck, I left that exact same fan in the basement of my bachelorette apartment!
Love the shoes and toenail polish. I think I will go blue, too.
What is this "thrift store" you speak of and why have I never been there?!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ. I look like I'm horrified at whatever seems to be crawling up my leg or something.

Cat Pick said...

Michael, that's why our mothers always told us not to make faces. They won't necessarily get stuck, but a photo *might* be taken. :) But I like the picture.

Allison, you've never been to the thrift store on Delmar at Grand???? Just around the corner from Powell Hall? It used to be a Vet's Village but now it's not and, like I said, it's kind of icky, but you can find good things once in a while.

dana said...

OMG "the Club"! If this is the same place I'm thinking of, they have a location not far from the Tap Room. I found out about it about 10 years ago when I got my car broken into parked outside the Tap Room. My briefcase was stolen, and later that night I got a call from "the Club", where I drove to pick it up. Naive lil ol me was astounded at the existence of a real live bath house in our prudish little town. Oh, and not only were my briefcase and it's contents in tact, but inside was an added bonus....a sapling (it was Arbor Day) from Anheuser Busch. WTF?