Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweet like the way it was/like swimming for the very first time

Late Saturday afternoon I found out that, due to his co-worker popping some stitches in his knee, Steve would be off work with me on Sunday (it also meant he had to work an 11 hour day on Saturday. It was predicted to be a gorgeous, hot day and I knew I wanted to do something outside, but I had no concrete plans.

We woke up early Sunday morning and Steve, brilliantly, suggested we go to the Sunset Hills pool. What a perfect idea. The pool is one of the few in the area open to non-residents and we've spent a good deal of time there in summers past. It's not one of the new fancy mega-pools, just a basic smallish place that caters to families. It's a testament to how much I love sitting by the pool that I don't even mind, heck, I even enjoy, the constant stream of shouting and splashing children.

But before we hit the pool we wanted to visit an estate sale in nearby Webster Groves. Stepping into the garage it was clear I'd find some good stuff -- the lady loved her paper products and was clearly a most active shopper in the late '60s/early '70s. I immediately grabbed some '70s paper napkins and plates, a little box of really cute post card notes, two hostess sets - one a bridge set and one a set with various napkins, coasters and matches(!), and box of smallish bird print notecards and envelopes.

And finally, I got a nice chunk of '70s kitchen fabric in those classic yellow, red and brown tones. This will definitely become the property of a certain reader if she wants it. I bought it with her in mind.

I also got another very excellent item, but it must remain a secret as it's not for me!

So, on to the pool! It wasn't very crowded and it was getting quite hot when we arrived. Slathered in not very protective tanning oils (me) and SPF 30 (Steve), we proceeded to lounge in the sun, dipping into the pool occasionally. It was kind of like heaven. Some 3+ hours later we gathered up our things and I realized I had not been very prudent about sun protection. Nothing like the season's first sunburn! My face is rather red, and my formerly fish belly white stomach is quite burnt. Hot to the touch and and hurting. But no matter; it'll turn to tan soon enough.

A stop at the grocery store on the way home got the ingredients for a barbeque and we spent the evening on the deck eating and drinking a delicious bottle of fume blanc.

A great day.


Allison said...

This certain reader approves of the fabric, and will turn it into a tote bag for you!

Anonymous said...

I got myself a sunburn last year at the pool b/c I didn't reapply often enough. I'd put some on before I left home and then once while we were there, but that just wasn't enough. Hope you don't peel.

I found that the "aqua-park" at Koch Park in Florrisant is open to non-residents. Took Angel there last year. It's real nice with a lazy river & waterslides & stuff. Only $10 for the two of us.


Cat Pick said...

You don't have to make something for me with it! But I was forced to give my green grocery bag to my mom -- she loved it. :)

I think Steve and I stumbled upon that pool last year, just after the season ended. We must have been looking for estate sales and I wanted to explore the park and, voila!, there was a big pool.