Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tell me that you want me/Tell me that you need me/Tell me 'cause I'd like to know/Now!

Holy shit, it's been almost ten days since I've posted. I guess I've been having too much fun to bother writing about it. I wonder if I'll remember all the terribly fun things I've done?

The weekend following the day at the coffeehouse and the unsuccessful shoe shopping trip was fairly quiet. Steve worked late on Friday and all day Saturday, my day off. I will admit to spending rather a lot of time on Friday night and Saturday day with my new best Intarnet friend, Hey, a girl needs some relief; what can I say? I'm a perv. I like amateur porn. I don't know where it came from either, but I'm not one to deny my true nature, so my right hand will continue to get a work out. I'm dealing with it; so can you.

The week following was pretty uneventful. I worked, but not a lot of hours so I had some down time, spent doing not much of anything. On Friday, after working early, I prepared for our monthly DJ gig at the Royale. I was happy that Michael and Marta were slated to come and I found out that Dana and Roy were finally commitment free for the night too. It was a gorgeous evening (with a rain scare during the day I was afraid we'd be stuck indoors) and we set up on the patio with a lovely, cool breeze keeping us cool.

It was a perfect night for my new favorite summer drink, the gin rickey. Admittedly, I began my infatuation with the gin rickey on a purely literary note: it's oft-mentioned in F. Scott Fitzgerald's works. I love Fitzgerald, I enjoy gin, hence I should in theory love a gin rickey. Turns out I do indeed love a gin rickey. Completely devoid of any sweetness, it's basically gin and pure lime juice with a touch of club soda for fizziness. It's perfect for summer and the hangover effects are negligible (unlike the extreme unpleasantness of the day after many sugar-sweet cosmopolitans the previous drinking binge). So gin rickey in hand, we started spinning.

Some nights are harder than others at the Royale, music-wise. A while into our DJ nights, Steve and I began alternating songs rather than the half-hour sets we started out doing. This keeps us both engaged and most definitely challenges us to keep a certain flow going. While it doesn't always work perfectly, last Friday night was one of those magical times that was somewhat effortless. I managed to not wander away drink in hand, as can be my wont, and we played off of each other well. In fact, a couple of our friends in attendance, John W. and Mark D., said we were perfect. Now, that's probably a result of their table drinking a total of at least 24 Sub-Continentals, but I'll take the compliment.

During the course of the evening, Dana and Michael met. As I suspected, they hit it off immediately, even teaming up against me and the house anxiety that has kept me from having either of them over. Marta and Michael had been clamoring for a BBQ for a few weeks so I awoke Saturday morning with the resolve to have a BBQ soon. I checked the work schedule and saw that both Marta and Michael would be available Sunday evening, I texted Dana with the invite to her and Roy and I set about using my day off to clean house, plan, shop and cook. As much as I am anxious about cleaning house, getting our packrat tendencies in check and such, I really love cooking for people and making them comfortable and relaxed.

So, I made marinated London broil, spicy chicken wings, a sort of paella, a citrusy green salad, feta cheese and green olives, pepper cheese with guava jelly, roasted potatoes and onions, and blueberry/strawberry pie. We ate and ate and ate and drank and drank and drank on the deck until the rain forced us inside. At that point I introduced the Sculpturades subset of Cranium and Dana and I kicked the collective asses of Michael, Marta and Steve. Dana and I had a psychic connection and should definitely team up again.

At any rate, Marta stayed until after midnight even though she had to be at work the next day at 4:45am. Still drunk on her pink wine, she apparently got mixed up and actually got to work at 4:15am...Dana went home soon after with her 6:00am wake up time and Michael stayed a while longer as we cleaned up. All in all it was a great time and I can't wait to host again very soon.


Allison said...

No corn salad?

Cat Pick said...

I thought about corn salad. Hmmm...I have some corn on the cob in the fridge today...

dana said...

It WAS an awesome time, and you totally outdid yourself on the food. Soooo good. And dang, we did kick ass with our psychic connection! I was especially proud of "lego".