Sunday, June 15, 2008

Forget your fancy manners/forget your English grammar/'cause you don't really give a damn/about this year's girl

Yesterday evening I got the idea that it would be fun to spend my Tuesday off in a coffeehouse, drinking, eating, and browsing the Intarnet with Michael. I called him early in the a.m. and he sleepily agreed, though his diva nature and morning habits made it another hour before he was even ready to leave home. I couldn't wait any longer and I headed to 6 North to await his arrival.

Is it traitorous to patronize a rival, independent coffeehouse? Or just traitorous to enjoy it so much? The espresso is good, the pastries are good, the free wifi is a bonus and the B.L.T. featuring slices of avocado and chipotle mayo is outstanding. I am definitely coming back here.

It's been a few days since I last wrote. Is it too late to chronicle the drunken debauchery (yeah, I wish) of our (me, Steve, Michael and Michael's friend Chaste Matt) night out last Friday? Perhaps I'll just hit the high (and low points): 1. A bachelorette party at the Loading Zone. Really? Low point, though the bride-to-be did score when she got Steve to pose with her as "a tall guy" for her scavenger hunt. 2. The beautiful emo boys who, alas, left too early. 3. The sadly, pathetically, beautiful rent boy who louched around the joint making eyes at anyone and everyone. The boys in my party were much less sympathetic to this poor child than I. I felt for him and his spoiled fruit beauty. 4. $4 cosmopolitans. High and low. Sugar sweet drinks make me suffer the next day, and I had more than enough of them to cause suffering. 5. The Metro Station,Fall Out Boy and FloRida videos. 6. The man equivalent of Candice Bergen. You'd think maybe high, but definitely low. 7. Heading to Novak's when LZ closed. High. 8. Five dollar cover charge at Novak's. Low. 9. Huge crowd, dancing, and a consistently short line for the ladies room. 10. The girl of my dreams is an employee of Novak's. Sigh. 11. Being felt up and asked repeatedly, "Baby? Vagina? Baby? Vagina?" by a friend of a customer (not even one I like), in the street, at 3 a.m. 12. The killer 12 hour hangover the next day.

Eh, I'm tired of writing and am hankering for shoe shopping.


Allison said...

I thought Candice Bergen WAS a man.

When can we have lunch this week?!
Laurene and I were going to stop by SB last Thursday, but didn't see your car parked.

Cat Pick said...


This week is probably out. I work most of the week right through lunch times, unfortunately. I'll check my schedule for next week, okay?

I worked very early Thursday, but I never park in front of the store unless it's a Sunday. My hard-earned quarters won't go to the Man. :)