Saturday, April 14, 2007

Three Schools and a Church

Even though the dreadful cold and rainy weather was not very inviting, it was full speed ahead to three schools and one church for their rummage sales. All my money today would be going to support religious endeavors. Hmmm...Unfortunately the one secular sale (at Pattonville High School) was cancelled which we did not know until we got there. Long distance for nothing. Bleh! And some mom at Nerinx Hall forgot to put an awesome little vintage cat pin in my bag. Waaah! However, at that same NH sale I purchased this original oil painting for $1. Please please please let it be worth something!

This next photo shows the Velveeta keeper ( complete with little cheese guillotine! Love it!), metal hang-y thing for ye olde crafte boothe jewelry, two delightful cookbooks (oh how I love luridly colored photographs of meat!), a tiny lidded pan, and a beautiful little bone-handled fork.

Here's a sweet book I found at the church sale (yes, boobies! at the church!). Inside page shown purely for juvenile reasons.

Here's the jewelry I did get at Nerinx. I figure if a Catholic can give medals to a rummage sale, then I can use said medals in my jewelry without worrying about it. And I figure I can take apart the necklace and use the chain bits for other stuff. But, oh, how I pine for that little cat pin...

OK, I was advised to NOT buy this purse. My inner gaudy old lady would not let me pass it by, particularly for $1. It *is* leather and, yeah, it is kind of gaudy, but it's really soft and I like the shape. Get rid of the admittedly icky fake gemstones and it would be way better.

Check this out. The cutest/scariest lion bank. I love this thing. Love it.

At Principia, I relieved them of about 30 pounds of children's books. Hopefully I can get some good images out of them. You can't really tell from the picture, but the book at the upper left is all about primates! Monkeys monkeys monkeys!

And finally, the rest of the haul, all of this from my Principia everything-that-fits-in-a-bag-is-$1 sale. As you can see, Lydia was enjoying marching on the mohair plaid scarf from Scotland. She is now curled up, sound asleep on said scarf. Along with the scarf, a thick cotton cardigan, a homemade sundress (which I bought for the teensy flowered cotton fabric), a mysterious hanging thing which is backed with the fabulous animal print fabric, a vintage wool embroidered Russ sweater, a burgundy leather clutch, a funny little brown leather zippered case and one of those expandable peg hanger things. A good day!

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