Saturday, April 28, 2007

Estate Sale-in' with my Baby

I had no intention of hitting any estate sales this weekend until I realized that Steve wasn't working today and had no pressing business. It was his idea so I left the mapping to him. First on his list was a home in Ladue, just out of the UCity limits. The street was my mid-century modern dream -- long, low ranch houses all with interesting window configurations and sweeping front lawns. We were a little worried when we checked out the first items out on the patio. There were some flat rocks about 8 inches long priced at $6! Rocks! Just plain old rocks you could pull out of any stream around. Sheesh! Too bad we only have a budget for cheap, weird items and books because this place was loaded inside with some gorgeous mid-century Scandinavian wood furniture. Anyway, besides Steve's pile of books, here's what I got. First some books:

Digging around in the basement unearthed a baggie with these creatures inside. Amigurumi prototypes!

This fabric was found in a back room of the basement. Check out the skunk for she is very glamorous! OK, I checked in closeup and the photograph of this fabric makes the skunk look sheepish. I swear she is much more outgoing in real life.

And then a little baggie of assorted sewing trims, a bundle of zippers, a bunch of drinking glass socks (or whatever those things are appropriately called) and a chick cookie cutter.

I'm going back tomorrow in hopes that the hassock fan is still there and is half price. It's beautiful and turquoise and you'd better not buy it before me.

Next we headed across many borders to the Southside. This house was certainly not as grand and certainly not containing anything that Steve cared a whit about. It was all cheap, but it was kind of a dirty place and my already pollen-challenged system didn't feel any better afterwards. This picture shows the "ugly" (Steve's word) 70s suitcase, a bright muumuu style dress (bought for the fabric), a couple of calendar towels, two embroidered pillowcases, a psychedelically printed scarf and a little book (close up below).

The book is called I Am An American: What Every Citizen Should Know. How could I resist?

In the basement I grabbed this tv tray table.

Finally, I got this leather case with two decks of cards and funny little mechanical pencil. Lately I've felt pretty good about selling my finds, but I think I have to keep this. I really, really love it.


Allison said...

Please, please tell me that "ugly" suitcase is the long-lost sister of the "ugly" suitcase I bought! They have the same weird zipper!
Oh, I found a crochet hook in my yarn basket-double score!
And, we're back in STL. The hotel we rented was scary. So hit me up tomorrow, wontcha?

Cat Pick said...

It is! It's a little bigger and the fabric isn't nearly as cool as yours (no birds, alas) but it is very similar. There was another at the sale too (the one on 37th St.) so you could probably get it today... :)

Oh, and you know the calendar towels are for you, right?