Saturday, April 7, 2007

Estate Sale Loot 4-7-07

Some good stuff today, all from one St. Louis Hills sale. An apartment, even.

1. Three-tiered metal corner shelf. Probably intended for the powder room, but will now be serving time in thee crafte boothe.
2. Pantry carousel thingy. In a delightfully 70s avocado green. This will also be doing duty in thee boothe.
3. Multi-drawered thing, usually meant for nails and stuff, but will now be used for beads and other jewelry components.

4. Four knitting publications, the Vogue ones from 1956 and 1965 (both with some FABULOUS patterns and photos), a Coats & Clark's "Sweaters" from 1955, and a Bear Brand sock pattern collection from 1950.

5. A couple dozen each of paper daisies and some black and white flowers, made in Japan and purchased originally at Pier 1.

6. Two packs of cocktail napkins. This lady had many, many unopened packages of novelty napkins.

7. Jewelry inventory: 18", thick silver chain necklace; very long multi-strand silver necklace; gold flower clip-on earrings; gold clip-on dangly chain chandelier earrings; gold pierced circles and balls chandeliers; and gold and white enamel multi-dot post earrings.

8. Assorted books, some old, some new.

9. And, oh yeah, I forgot to take a photo of the Connee Boswell record that could be worth quite a bit more than we paid for it.

10. One more thing, thrown in for free, what I think might be a Lara Croft action figure.


Allison said...

So, it looks like you'll have to advance past knitted squares! I'll bring some goodies for you tomorrow...

Cat Pick said...

Dude, I buy 'em for the pictures! I can't imagine following those tiny written instructions. Now, if someone sat there and told me what to do, maybe.