Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Making Coffee...

Before anyone really knew who Jenna Elfman was, she was in a commercial for something that involved her working as a barista and repeating "I'm making coffee!" rapidly and often. I loved that commercial although I have no memory of what it was advertising. Around the same time, Lauren Graham had a small recurring role as Shelly on Caroline in the City and I loved her. To me, they seemed of a type, albeit one dark, one light. I had a big crush on both of them. It was soon afterwards that they both co-starred on the late, lamented and short-lived Townies with Molly Ringwald. Molly Ringwald! Lauren Graham! Jenna Elfman! All on one show! It was too much for the world and was cancelled verily.

That is a very long exposition to explain the title of this entry.

Anyhoo, for the last several weeks, I've been looking for a stovetop espresso maker. Something like this one:

Or exactly like this one. Whatever. Now, I'm pretty sure I could just go to either an Italian store on the Hill and find one of these, or, even easier, to Cherokee Street to find a Latin version. However, when I say I've been looking for one, I mean hunting at a thrift store or a rummage sale or in some coffee lover's estate. Alas, no luck. And now, after reading Robin's blog, I find the urge to get one of these pots to make Cuban coffee (cafecito) nearly unbearable. I don't have a lot of discretionary income for such things, which is why I was hoping to find a $1 version, but I might just have to break down and and go shopping for one of these tomorrow. Sometimes I just become obsessed.


Robin said...

I recently saw these pots for cheap, and now I can't remember where. I've always wanted one, too, especially now that my big espresso machine's packed for moving (eventually).

If I remember where I saw them, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

It was a Honda ad and Jenna's character kept saying "Regular or Decaf?" or something of the sort. The customer couldn't decide or wasn't even paying attention.

Anonymous said...

It's on YouTube!


If you don't like clicking on links just search honda jenna elfman together in the search box on YouTube.