Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rummaging Around the Church Basement

If it's Saturday, it must be a rummage sale, right? Today I learned that if a yard sale is not in walking distance from my house, or directly on my route to or from a rummage or estate sale, they are just not worth the effort. Church rummage sales, however? Gold, Jerry, gold!

How 'bout this adorable little suitcase/train case number in a delightful avocado green with lurid green satin lining? In perfect, never-used shape.

A bag of wool-blend, wool, and rainbow colored yarn. Believe it or not, I am very excited about making something out of that chunky rainbow stuff. For a rainbow colored thing, it's very pretty. The colors are all very clear and pure.

And I have found a petite replacment for the monolithic monstrosity that was my side lamp. With owls!

Some miscellaneous items -- a bag of brown felt yardage, a bag of little wooden pieces that I will use for jewelry making and a margarine container of curtain hooks that will probably be utilized in ye olde crafte boothe in a new display idea I'm working on.

Next, a lovely goldtone flower pin with some sort of stone forming the pink flowers.

I sort of collect those little paperback cookbooks from the 40s, 50s, 60s that have names like "Meat Cookery" and "Hot Weather Food" and stuff like that. You know, the ones where the meat always looks a little radioactive. The Gallery of Regrettable Food celebrates these cookbooks (though I take them more seriously than they do...); make sure you read some of their captions. They make me cry laughing. Anyhoo, at the rummage sale I was perusing the books table and saw two 3-ring binder type books with "Fabulous Foods" on the front of both (one was red, one was white). I knew I already wanted them before even opening them up just because they looked really cool. THEN I realized that each of them were packed full of those little cookbooks I so love, each in perfect mint condition. Holy shit, the motherlode. And as much as I love them, I just might have to make some money off of these beauties.

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