Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rock n Roll Craft Show - So Much Fun!

What a fabulous weekend I had at Rock n Roll Craft Show! I took sweets and savories, and I made special grilled cheese sandwiches to order (The Wilson - provolone with sundried tomato/basil pesto, The Cherokee - white cheddar or jack with a guajillo chili spread, The Flad - Swiss with a spread made of apples and grainy mustard sauteed in butter), along with a different soup every day. I sold out every day and I sincerely thank everyone who had some of my food! You all made my heart swell. The foodie evidence:

Grilled cheese and lentil soup

Black bean/sweet potato and spicy potato empanadas 

Spinach and feta phyllo pie

Mini gingery apple strudels and chai cake balls

Peppermint bark and key lime muddy buddies

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