Sunday, December 16, 2012

CHILI - Two Ways!

The word is cold weather is finally coming. It didn't really happen this past week, but there are murmurs of snow flurries on Thursday. Not that I really need an excuse, but colder weather makes me think of chili! I love chili, particularly Midwestern chili, full of beans and tomatoes. I know some Texans get all heated up when they hear of their beloved dish being perverted by any vegetable/legume other than peppers, but this isn't Texas, and I like our chili just the way we do it.

My chili is meaty (featuring a combination of ground beef and ground turkey), full of beans, in a tomato-y base. Of course, there are onions and garlic galore, sweet and hot peppers, lots of warm spices like cumin, cayenne, and coriander, plus my own secret ingredients (if I tell you, then you wouldn't need me, would you?). Because I care about my vegetarian friends, I shall also be making a batch of meatless chili, with essentially the same ingredients, switching out the meat for a soy-based product, and the addition of some extra vegetables.

Unfortunately, my baking schedule is a bit busy, so there will only be chili this week! Fresh bread after the holidays, I promise!

You know the drill:

Chili is priced as follows (you can mix and match meaty and vegetarian!): 

1 quart/$8     2 quarts/$15      3 quarts/$22     4 quarts/$28

To order, email me: or Delivery/pickup will be towards the end of the week, before the weekend if possible. You can also message me on Facebook or you can text me if you have my number! 

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