Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Italian Wedding and Vegetarian Curried Lentil

Hello and happy January!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Who's ready for soup? I know I am!

This week I am finally going to make Italian Wedding Soup. This rich, brothy soup features vitamin-packed spinach, little meatballs made of a combo of spicy sausage and turkey (to keep it a bit leaner), and a small pasta for body and extra goodness. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!
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For the vegetarians this week it shall be a spicy, thick Curried Lentil. I will combine a few different varieties of lentils (red, brown, and French!) for fantastic texture and superior flavor, plus add assorted vegetables, and gorgeous Indian spices for a low-fat, vitamin-packed soup that will stick to your ribs and keep you warm and cozy.
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I have a lovely Christmas tree-shaped rosemary topiary that's just dying to be plucked and used to top small (approx. 1lb.) ciabatta loaves.

I've had too long of a break; I'm ready to cook! Who wants soup?

The facts:

1 quart/$8     2 quarts/$15      3 quarts/$22     4 quarts/$28
To order, email me: cattmkitchen@gmail.com or clp772@gmail.com. Delivery/pickup will be towards the end of the week, before the weekend if possible. You can also message me on Facebook or you can text me if you have my number! I'm aiming for Friday/Saturday delivery and pick up!

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