Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am gonna hang out in the park/Hang out after dark/I am gonna be with the gang tonight

Yesterday and today I watched the two parts of a movie series based on Russian novels by Sergei Lukyanenko, Night Watch and Day Watch (a third movie, to match the trilogy of novels, is possibly due out sometime in 2009). They are directed by Timur Bekmambetov in a style that suggests he made a few music videos in his day. While they don't really add anything to the vampire mythos, they are worth watching. There are some gorgeous sequences; my favorites all involve various characters going to walls and various other barriers in this weird, melty way. Thanks to my Scottish Correspondent for suggesting them.

Yesterday I also became reacquainted with Gregory's Girl, a lovely Scottish movie I had seen when it originally showed in the U.S. but hadn't watched since, a birthday gift from my Correspondent.

While viewing Day Watch today, I also drew and painted. I'm not very happy with my results. I'm thinking too much rather than just doing and I have to find a way to let myself go and just disconnect the critical part of my brain and work. There have to be some exercises that teach one to do that. I will do some research. So, here's the source material and the result.

I kind of hate this one. I'm determined to do something better tomorrow.

Influenced by Heather, I bought a gorgeous little pumpkin yesterday (for eating not carving). I came across a recipe for a roasted pumpkin salad so I decided to make my own version of it. I cubed the roasted pumpkin and mixed it with roasted onions and a coarse bulgar wheat which I dressed with a honey/rice wine dressing. I grilled a couple of pork chops in the George Forman, along with a red and a poblano pepper and dinner was done.

I still have a ton of pumpkin left and I think I'm going to again follow Heather's lead and make some sort of soup with it tomorrow. With Moroccan spices, peppers and garbanzo beans...maybe.

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