Monday, October 6, 2008

But I won't give you up/I won't let you down/and I won't leave you falling /if the moment ever comes

Today was my shot at seeing what Emotional Rescue could do during the fall membership drive. The results weren't very good. I made less than half my goal. Boo.

This afternoon, Steve made a trip to Ted Drewes and brought home concretes for both of us. Mine was hot fudge with extra malt; Steve went for peanut butter cup. Even though it's open nearly year round, an October trip to Ted's makes it definitely seem like an official end to summer.

Having had ice cream, basically, for lunch, I opted for salad for dinner. I tossed spinach, chopped apple, water chestnuts and croutons with poppyseed dressing then topped each with tuna and sliced hard-boiled eggs. A bottle of pinot grigio rounded things off. Or took the edge off. Or something like that.

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