Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be a star and fall down somewhere next to me/And make it past your color TV/This time will pass and with it will me/And all these pretty things

Is it wrong to celebrate beauty? I was perusing the Myspace pages of my niece Heidi and my great-niece Kyrie and I was just so taken with what beautiful women they've grown into. It seems so recent that teeny tiny Heidi was born two months prematurely; and could it really have been 18 years ago that Kyrie attended that Nine Inch Nails show with me, albeit in her mother's belly?

These two are so much more than pretty pictures and I expect great things in their future, but I just wanted to share these exquisite images. I can only hope they don't get mad at Aunt Cat for doing it. :)

When did that cute little kid get the perfect hair, makeup and bone structure?

We used to call Kyrie the alien baby with her giant eyes and pale pale skin and hair. And now she looks already famous.

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