Monday, October 27, 2008

And I was you and I was you/If they were me and I was you/Would you have liked a present too

Saturday was my birthday and it carried a number with it that I'm not particularly fond of repeating. It just sounds...old. Normally I'm not bothered with such things -- you're only as old as you feel, age is just a number, yada yada yada -- but this year is different for some reason. Perhaps it's just this period of transition that has me feeling a bit untethered. Anyway, I decided on a night at the Royale to celebrate. I thought of somewhere fancier, but upon reflection I realized that I (and my friends) feel at home at the Royale and what better place to relax and forget those two pesky numbers?

One quick photo to document the night and we were on our way. Steve and I met Dana there and Michael and Roy soon arrived. As a bonus, Joe and Gina Thebeau showed up (with late season homegrown tomatoes -- thanks!) and Mark Early was the DJ for the evening. Our waiter Cory was a hoot, the drinks were perfect, as always, the food was good and the firepit was a lovely thing.

Michael, looking heroic. Or something.

Joe, Gina and Mark, attacked by mysterious indoor fireworks.

And Mark has the most awesome Halloween costume -- he's a ghost!

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