Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Miso Vegetable Soup/Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate

Who isn't fascinated by all the containers of miso at the international markets? I know I am! Miso, made from soybeans, is savory and salty and can impart that flavor we have borrowed from Japanese culture, umami

I was searching for something new and different to make this week. I admit to having a bit of cooking ADD; I don't really enjoy making the same things over and over, hence my tendency to rarely use recipes or write down the components of my own concoctions. It's all about improvisation in my kitchen (which does make it challenging to write these missives as they involve planning and commitment to specific ingredients; but for you all I adapt and change). So this week I'm making a miso vegetable soup; a rich broth with green onions, sesame oil, mushrooms (shitake and others), ginger, carrots, cubed tofu, bok choy, and more (see, sometimes I just can't commit in advance!). I think just a teensy touch of wasabi is in order as well (I promise it will not be overly spicy). Oh, and there will be some noodles in there too! I'm really excited about working with a totally different flavor profile this week.

If you want to make this soup even better, and you are a fan of Putting an Egg On It (I am very much a fan of this), I suggest topping your bowl of miso soup with a simple poached egg. SO GOOD.

I want to make another dessert this week and the power of suggestion put coconut and chocolate on my mind. So there will be fluffy coconut macaroons, drizzled in lovely dark chocolate. Really, I can't wait for this week's stuff.

As usual...

1 quart/$8     2 quarts/$15     3 quarts/$22     4 quarts/$28

Macaroons - $5/doz
(Payment via cash, check, credit, or Paypal) I'm taking orders till Wednesday evening. Orders taken via emails, text messages, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, etc. Pickup/delivery will start as usual on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday. Delivery available for an additional $2 to City and inner ring suburbs.

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