Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Short Hiatus!

Soup season is officially underway...just in time for a bit of a Thanksgiving hiatus. I have a couple of really busy cooking weeks ahead of me and I don't want to compromise any quality by taking on too many cooking projects at once.

In the meantime you can get some of my food at all three days of the Rock n Roll Craft Show at Third Degree Glass Factory (Nov. 23-25). I will be there with sweets and savories including candies, empanadas, spinach/feta pie, scones, cakes, and more! RnRCS is a fantastic place to get locally made, handcrafted and totally cool stuff. The next weekend I will be baking what will seem to be zillions of cookies for The St. Louis Curio Shoppe and the Cherokee Street Cookie Walk (Dec. 1-2). It's a great time to check out all the vibrant businesses of the Cherokee's Antique Row.

After those events, soup should resume for a couple weeks, pause until Christmas, then resume again.

In addition, I am happy to do some of your Christmas baking for you! Just drop me a note to inquire! The information in this link from last year is still relevant!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuscan Chicken with White Bean

Who wants some soup?

The Soup of the Week is Tuscan Chicken and White Bean. I will be roasting chicken with lots of rosemary, thyme and garlic, in order to make a full-flavored, rich broth. Chunks of that roasted chicken will join plenty of plump white beans, and lots of good for you and just plain good vegetables like dark leafy greens (chard, kale, etc.), and the triumvirate of carrots, onions, and celery. Thick and rich and satisfying on a cold November day! It will also freeze like a dream if you want to put some away for later. 

If I get enough orders (at least four quarts), I will also make a vegetarian version with a roasted vegetable stock and, obviously, no chicken. I will advise regarding the status once you order!

To accompany the soup, I'm baking small rosemary and walnut boules (small rustic bread loaf) (plain boule available upon request) for an additional $3 each.

Soup is priced as follows:
1 quart/$8   2 quarts/$15   3 quarts/$22   4 quarts/$28

I will take orders immediately and until Thursday (11/8) evening, and aim to have the soup ready for pickup/delivery starting Friday evening. Email me:,, message me on Facebook, or use whatever means you have to contact me! As always, I accept charge, cash, check, and Paypal.