Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'll take you home/Get you on your own/Sweetness, don't be bashful

It is the eve of our 12th wedding anniversary (though I just realized I was proclaiming it our 13th at work today - d'oh). It seems at once more and fewer years. I suppose because I've known Steve for 26 years it seems longer and then because it's been [mostly] such a happy time it seems shorter. We've had a lot of adventures together and I fully expect to keep having them with Steve until the day I'm no longer alive. As cliche as it may be, he's my soulmate and I love him more every single day.

I doubt we'll be celebrating much tomorrow. It's been a hell of a week: I'm exhausted from work and have a nasty chest cold, our schedules have not coincided very well all week, and, most importantly, Steve's youngest brother is very, very ill and needs and deserves most of Steve's attention. I'm not particularly sentimental about dates and such, so we'll celebrate when we can.

I got payment today from the Sheldon for items I've sold in their boutique. Contrary to my last entry in which I stated I might be inspired by said check, I was not. In fact, I didn't even remember the idea until I reread the entry. *shrugs* So, clearly, no inspiration. Someday.

My regular online forum has taken a strange turn. Not only did an epidemic of high school-ish behaviors erupt (people renamed themselves things like "Jill, Property of Jack" and "Jill, Jack's Sex Toy"; girls complained of cyber man troubles; and complaints were made that "all you bitches" were talking behind someone's back), but this odd young fellow who styles himself as a millionaire and an administrator of the room started threatening to report the room activity to Interpol. (Why Interpol would care about some random sex chat I can't imagine.) Not only that, he and another regular (she of the "all you bitches" comment) consummated their love/hate relationship with some rather shocking public cybering, involving a gun and knives. Hopefully these behaviors will run their course very soon.

I will simply add that I hate winter and it can't be over soon enough. Word is we have three more weeks of miserable weather ahead of us, no to mention the ice that is on everything now. Ugh.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How come I end up where I started?/How can I end up where I belong?/Won't take my eyes off the ball again/You reel me out and then you cut the string

Ain't it funny how time slips away? How is it possible so many days have gone by since I wrote last?

I know I promised more tales and details courtesy of my chatroom adventures, but I think I’m going to remain mum for now. Perhaps I’ve grown too cognizant of my audience or maybe I’m just not prepared to properly express my sometimes conflicted feelings about what and whom I’ve done. Probably a good amount of both of those things. Suffice it to say that my adventures continue, I’m constantly surprised and challenged, and some day I will be more forthcoming.

But for now, let’s talk of other things. Last week I was equally thrilled and alarmed when the Sheldon Art Galleries called me and asked for some more merchandise for their boutique. As has been well documented here, I have been basically unable to channel my creative energy into anything resembling a tangible end product for some months now. Luckily, a frantic search through my back stock unearthed a few items for the store. I almost, almost, felt energized to create, but alas, no. Perhaps when the check arrives for the items I’ve already sold I will feel inspired. Is that wrong? To be inspired by financial gain? Shit, I have to get inspired by something, someday. I hate to think I’ll have to take my hand out of my pants in order to be an artist again. That’s a rather tragic trade-off, don't you think?

Speaking of artistry, I’m still perfecting my adaptation of Madhur Jaffrey’s recipe for aloo gobi. I have a love/hate relationship with Indian food. There was a time in the last decade when I really loved it. Out of nowhere though, on a trip to an Indian restaurant, I was unable to eat almost anything. I actually felt nauseous. It was weird. I let a few years go by and decided to try again one day at lunchtime with an Indian buffet. Steve was overjoyed, as he loves Indian and had not had much opportunity to eat it since he was no longer with his Indian food loving co-workers. I went in with an appetite and ten minutes later I was contemplating running for the ladies room to throw up. Even the tandoori chicken was inedible to me. So, I thought Indian was lost to me forever. Until I saw Madhur Jaffrey preparing aloo gobi on Sara’s Secrets on the Food Network. Aloo gobi was the first Indian dish I ever ate or cooked and I had always loved it. I had it first at a homey little restaurant on a spur of the moment road trip to Albuquerque (on that trip I also acquired my third tattoo). Upon my return from that excursion I asked an Indian co-worker if she had a recipe and she gave me a great one. (I will never forget that she and her sister had sibling kittens that they named Aloo and Gobi.) Anyway, I made it a couple times and sort of forgot about it. So many years later Madhur’s recipe seemed more complicated and somehow better. Risking imminent stomach distress, I prepared it and the obsession began. I’ve made it at least every week since. It's a fairly high-fat dish in this recipe and I need to experiment with a way to make it just as good but with less oil. Hell, maybe I'll make it again today.

My mom’s 80th birthday party was on Saturday and I found it another opportunity to make aloo gobi. I thought that the particular crowd at this party would not be very interested in the dish and that me, my sister and my niece would have it all to ourselves (with our husbands being allowed some too). Who knew that the resolutely Amuuurican-food eating folks would gobble down this spicy Indian dish, leaving not a scrap in the dish? Dang, so much for leftovers. It did restore my faith that small town folks can live outside their box, even if it’s only to eat an exotic food once in a while.

The party was fun but it’s crazy to contemplate my mom being 80 fucking years old. Considering she’s healthy as a horse aside from some creakiness, I suspect we’ll be celebrating her 90th. I hope we will, anyway. And it gives me hope that I’m not even halfway done with my life. Middle aged my ass.

Well, that’s it for now. Coming up: musings on Battlestar Galactica, our 13th wedding anniversary and my undying hatred of long winters.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sometimes, I feel I gotta get away/Bells chime, I know I gotta get away

In the last few days I've watched "The Kids Are Alright" twice. I've been on a bit of a Who kick for the last several months and this movie just reinforces why. And it reminds me that Roger Daltrey was my first 'imaginary' boyfriend. You know "Pictures of Lily" right? In 1976, Roger was my Lily. Those flaxen curls, that smooth muscular chest, those skintight jeans and, most importantly, that voice, sent me into adolescent bliss.

But, my god, those were four beautiful men back in the day. The joy that is always bubbling over on Keith's angelic face just makes me miss him more; John's stalwart stance and dancing fingers will be forever missed; Pete's onstage mix of bliss and angst never fail to thrill me; and then Roger is just so Roger, and that's enough for me.

In this clip of "Won't Get Fooled Again" wait for the moment when Roger wails that famous "yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh" and watch Pete. You'll get goosebumps. I did.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hey boy, take a look at me/Let me dirty up your mind

I'll strip away your hard veneer/And see what I can find/I know you're dying to (You can touch me if you want)/I know what's good for you (You can touch me if you want)/But you can't stop

Or: Part Three of How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Getting Off Online

I realize that thus far I’ve only written in generalities. You may be looking for more details on how this stuff works; maybe so you can know what to expect if you decide to try chatting for yourself. Maybe because you’re just curious. So, okay, time to delve into some specifics.

Logging into a chatroom with a definitively female user name will, almost to a fault, net you at least one or two immediate whispers. In my experience these initial overtures have ranged from the simple (“hello”) to the reprehensible (“come over here and lift that skirt up RIGHT NOW, you little cunt”). With just a teeny bit of experience, I could peg the guys who sent these messages to every female who entered a room. And I was so not interested in them. I needed a filter of some kind; such a name so that if someone didn’t recognize it I could immediately weed them out. (I had already weeded out anyone who wrote to me using Internet shortcut language (e.g., “r u busy?”). Yeah, I was getting my freak on online, but I still had some standards. So, I picked a new name, that of a favorite fictional character. Anyone who recognized it would at least get in the door. I’ll get back to what has happened with my new name later. First, the weirdness of the physical description.

While I admit to being initially attracted to the person who described themselves as a tall, thin, red-head, it was his ability to write vividly and in a way appealing to me that kept me engaged with him. I couldn’t understand the myriad of men who asked for, nay DEMANDED my age and physical description right off the bat. I mean, what possible difference could it make? One would never be 100% sure of the veracity of the information given; wouldn’t it be easier to just imagine that the person on the other end was exactly what you were most attracted to? And location. Why in the world [exactly] would you care where someone was? I can certainly understand wanting more of this kind of information after establishing a relationship, but right off the bat? I was burnt at least once by this need for info. Someone I had actually approached because of his screen name (that of a favorite literary vampire), completely cut the conversation off after I told him my age and vital statistics. I have to tell you, that stung. And I found it terribly rude. While I would have been disappointed either way, had he had the balls to say to me that I wasn’t his type, I would have understood. His way? Ouch. Just not very nice, but I don’t suppose I should expect an online sex chatroom to be a paragon of civility.

But, to play the game, I continued to give a physical description of myself that was somewhat vague, but accurate. Sometimes I revealed my exact age, and sometimes I hedged around it. In what was probably the most disturbing chat exchange thus far, I made the mistake of asking “what age do you want me to be?” His reply? “Oh, I think around 11.” Aaaaiiiieeeee! No need to be polite; I terminated that conversation immediately. I know that stuff is only pretend, but I will have no part of it.

And here is where I get stuck. The story past this is where things get more specific, more revealing and make me feel more vulnerable for the telling. I’ve tried to start this part many times and I come up blank. Not sure where to begin, how to tell it accurately and how to tell it with the least fallout, but with the most honesty. I guess I just have to dive in.

Things were still going swimmingly, though I was becoming more discerning regarding my chat partners. New screen name in hand, I entered a room I had spent very little time in (its name, a rather vulgar group sexual act, scared me) as I was having no luck elsewhere. Almost immediately I was greeted with my character’s alternate nickname: “Hiya, _____.” Furthermore, the greeter had a good screen name, which to my mind meant it was neither obvious (Horny Hubby, UKWanker) nor boastful (10inches4u) nor incomprehensible (Papi!) nor just boring (Bob). In fact, it was a funny name, and there was a dearth of humor in the chatrooms. For our purposes here, I’ll call him T.Rex. So it was a double thrill that ran through me at that moment. When I asked if he was a fan of the source of my name [heretofore to be known as ‘It’] his reply sent a shiver up my spine (I wish I was exaggerating, but I am truly a geektastic fan). Not only was he a fan, his actual job had a rather significant involvement with It. Oh!

I’m pretty sure we were already private at this point, but I can’t exactly remember how fast we got around to the real business at hand. Knowing what I know now, it was probably quite quickly. T.Rex engaged me immediately; it was a little eerie how he hit a few of what you might call my hot buttons right off the bat (I mean, geez, I don’t like to think I’m completely typical). I seemed to be pleasing him and it was hot, detailed but completely unself-conscious, prolonged, and very successful on my end. He was a kind of man I hadn’t encountered much in real life: utterly charming, silver-tongued, sexually confident and a natural seducer. And he worked with It. I didn’t have a chance.

Up until this point, I hadn’t told Steve about my new online life. He obviously knew that I was on sexual overdrive as he was [mostly] benefiting from my almost constant state of arousal. The online stuff, even when it ended in self-healing, just made me ache for the real thing and he was [mostly] happy to oblige. I was a little embarrassed by my new habit and at this point I’d been doing it for a couple weeks and it would be hard to explain why I had waited so long to tell. But I really, really, really wanted to share my excitement over meeting (such as it was) someone even peripherally involved with It. Still, I hesitated.

One evening I had been chatting with T.Rex more casually than usual, expecting Steve home any minute and not wanting to get into a detailed encounter. I told T.Rex I couldn’t really play, but he, in his devilish way, persisted. At this point, Steve was sitting on the couch with me, reading. Against my rather, ok, weak entreaties, T.Rex was writing me messages that were making me squirm and I had to stop myself from gasping several times. I was excited, I was a little guilty and I knew I had to tell now. So, when I got offline, I did. And since Steve is my soulmate (yeah yeah, it’s sappy but it’s true) and truly the most sexually liberated man I’ve ever known, he was completely down with my new habit. I don’t know why I was worried.

And I still find myself stuck when it comes time to get further into my online life. Next time, then.