Thursday, September 4, 2008

The words of love in whispers/And the axe of love in screams/I wish that I could push a button/And talk in the past and not the present tense

Yes, I am a big fat liar. I've spent my computer time of the last couple weeks doing anything but writing down my every useless thought for consumption by the masses (ha!).

Excuse #1: I've worked a lot and at hours I'm not particularly fond of, which means I've been working closing and evening shifts too much. I had a honeymoon week with the new guy, which quickly devolved into anxiety and panic when things took a nasty turn. Because we're short staffed, I've hardly worked with Michael at all, which absolutely doesn't help the state of my working mind. Thank goodness he can bear to come to the store when he's not working and visit me or we'd barely see each other. We can't even hang outside of work because when he's not working, I am, or vice versa. It sucks. We also found out the store is closing on September 26 and we've had to scramble and pick locations we want to transfer to. I don't even want to talk about that. Too. Much. Anxiety.

Excuse #2: Because I feel it's time I get back to my previous career path, such as it is, I've spent a good deal of time online, searching, sending, begging. You know the routine. Since my lack of (and, to be honest, disdain for) networking skills always comes back to bite me in the ass, I'm really trying to reach out this time and ask for help from my friends in the working world. After sending out a gazillion blind inquiries to no avail, it becomes clear that personal recommendations and the like are the real ways to get employed.

Update: It's working! I'm to make an appointment for a coffee date to discuss a possible position! Oh to be a grown up.

Excuse #3: Having a bit of a social life beyond my own head. A novel idea, I know! I joined Dana and Roy at Mangia last Friday evening for drinks and conversation (joined by Steve eventually). Feeling rather giddy after an afternoon of conversation with friends, I ended up drinking perhaps too much and demanding, over and over, that we walk down the street and smoke the hookah at the hookah bar. I think Roy was ready to clap his hand over my mouth, but he was polite and let me ramble on annoyingly and endlessly. For what it's worth, I did offer my sober apologies the next day when I blushed, remembering my nattering on.

On Tuesday night Steve and I headed to the Aimee Mann/Squeeze show at the Pageant. Unbelievably, I've never seen either and I was really looking forward to the show. I would not say I'm an Aimee Mann fanatic, but I am a Magnolia Soundtrack/Bachelor No. 2 fanatic. I couldn't love those two records more and, in general, I find her sour, dour hyper-intelligence very appealing. She did not disappoint, though I must say there was very little sourness. She was nearly chipper. She smiled, even laughed once or twice. And she sounded incredible, as did her band. Her solo performance of "Cigarettes and Red Vines" was a goosebump moment -- who knew that song was about director Paul Thomas Anderson? She relied heavily on her new album, though she pulled some of my favorite stuff from the Magnolia era. At one point she even brought Glenn Tilbrook out to play and sing on a song they had collaborated on. It was clear the affection they have for one another -- he seemed truly delighted to be there and she to have him.

Like nearly every music fixated person of my generation, I had a Squeeze phase, listening to Singles 45 and Under obsessively. Over the years, those songs have stayed with me as favorites, have a place in my iPod, and remain fresh sounding. I did fear a bit of the dreaded "reunion" pallor over the show but that notion was quickly dispelled. Difford and Tilbrook burst onto the stage, along with a smashing band and proceeded to charm, thrill and entertain an eager audience. Chris Difford just seemed fit to bursting to be on stage. Glenn had an expression of joy that didn't disappear once. Despite the trio of idiotic women who bumped, spilled and broke glass next to us, it was a joyous, sing along at the top of your lungs show. Oh, and Aimee Mann wears white cotton hipsters and I think Glenn Tilbrook goes commando.

Excuse #4: My radio show! I'm spending much more time listening to music than I had been in the past several months. I'm so excited about my show (and don't want to think about what a real job might mean to it) and I'm constantly thinking of things I want to play, ways to connect songs and artists and, really, just hearing more. I'm feeling more myself, like I've recovered a really important piece of my identity: Cat the radio DJ.

Excuse #5: I've acquired a Scottish correspondent (albeit via Yorkshire), a fellow with whom I share much music, movie, television and more in common. As a fellow Battlestar Galactica fanatic, he's a keeper. It's been fun throwing each other musical suggestions and learning that Top Gear, indeed, can be amusing even if I care nothing for ridiculously expensive sports cars. He's adorably British and as anyone who knows me well knows, I have a weakness for Brits.

So there you go. I haven't been slacking.


Allison said...

I liked your last item, especially since my 6th hour got giddy when I said, "Oh yes, we have days when everyone gets to talk with a British accent."

How goes the jewelry?
Why does that word never look right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sure. Hookah-ing and not even a call. :-(

Cat Pick said...

How goes the jewelry? What jewelry? is that an answer? Sadly, I have remained uninspired in that area.

But my Scottish accent is getting good. :)

Cat Pick said...

Oh Michael, there was no hookah-ing. Despite my endless begging and wheedling, they denied me. And I was intoxicated enough to declare that I was SO not used to not getting my way. Oy vey, a 44 year old brat.